How do I disarm wyze sense motion sensor?

How do I disarm wyze sense motion sensor ?

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I haven’t found a way. It would be nice if that was a future software option. You can turn on/off the individual motion sensor’s notifications but I think maybe it still senses motion constantly. You can also limit by turning off notifications from they Wyze app in general during certain times.

Another work around is to physically cover up the motion sensor when you don’t want it to detect motion. I have one on a shelf that I just turn towards the wall when I’m home. For my wall mounted motion sensor I’m going to make a small cube shaped cover to slip on/off as needed. In areas with a lot of activity during the day I’m assuming covering them to disarm when not needed might help save battery and extended the life.

I just put it back in it’s box :slight_smile:


Thank you for quick responses. I’m going to turn off notifications for my wall mounted motion sensor when I don’t need it.

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Turning off the notifications for the Motion sensor should stop them from being sent. The Motion sensor will still send an event (view-able in the App) but not notify you. If you get numerous alerts from that sensor it will contribute to battery draining but it is difficult to predict the overall effect on battery life. The ability to turn the Motion sensor “Off” either by Shortcut or schedule (i.e., ignore motion) would be a means to prolong battery life.


i was about to send a message about this. so the motion detection is “always on”? kinda ridiculous don’t you think? if i am home, i want it disarmed. i have IFTTT turn off my camera when i am home, shouldn’t motion detection stop detecting when i am at home? or at least have me choose when and how like a schedule or somehow auto disable. when i first set it up, i constantly got notices because i was walking around in the house. i finally just turned it around and had it face the wall which is counter intuitive.

eventually wyze is going to have to come up with some method to fix this. like a entry/exit keypad control system or something like ring like home/away/arm. when i get home i disarm my entire ring system including the motion detection. unless that makes too much sense?


Do you need it OFF or just not reporting events?
My security system I’ve had for about 10 years is always ON, when I “disarm” it it still blinks and detects, it just does not send out alarms.

good question. i guess either? but don’t tell me to go into the app or phone to disable notifications every time. when i am at home my camera turns off (via IFTTT). it would be good if turning the camera off means it also turns off the motion sensor.

what security system do you have that does that? i’d have to check my ring sensor to see if it still blinks even if i disarm the system

Like I said, it’s OLD by electronic standards, I don’t know the name and it’s wired to some 24/7 security business.

When testing Sense, I installed a bridge into a camera that is connected to a smart plug. That smart plug is on a schedule, or when I manually turn it on. That way I only get alerts from the sensors setup with that bridge when the camera is on. That was the solution that worked for me.


oh, i guess even though you turn off the camera in the app from displaying video, the bridge still stays on so anything tied to it still would be on.

Correct! :slight_smile:

I would also like to schedule on/off times for my sensors.


that would make too much sense :slight_smile:

kidding. maybe even a IFTTT integration to turn off or on based on geolocation would be nice

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We need to be able to turn on off the sense motion sensor. I have the automation with a Wize bulb and the bulb will turn on during daytime.

Please see this #wishlist topic. :slight_smile:

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indeed I have setup that if motion sensor detects motion it should turn on a Hue group in living room but as it detects (sends event) 24h lamps with this IFTT setup go also when it is daylight…

Please add the ability for a rule to enable/disable DEVICES. (or alternatively… allow us to enable or disable TRIGGERS if for some reason that’s easier for you to program).

Doing so would allow the following scenarios:

GIVEN I am away from home
WHEN an intruder walks around my house tripping my motion sensor
THEN the lights turn on
AND a siren attached to a smart plug raises holy hell
AND I am notified on my phone

GIVEN I am home
AND I’m in bed
WHEN an intruder walks around my house
THEN the lights turn on
AND a siren connected to a smart plug raises holy hell
AND I don’t really care about notification on my phone

And here’s the feature (or is it a non-feature) that would make my WYZE system far more useful to me…

GIVEN I’m home
AND I’m not in bed
WHEN I walk around the house
THEN the light bulb stays off
AND I’m not scared -------- by the siren connected to the smart plug going off every time I move

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This is what I was hoping to achieve with the new WYZE plug (replaced my Mi plug hoping to integrate these actions). Unfortunately at this time I can’t figure out a way to do it with the motion sensor or door sensors. Please let me know if someone comes up with a method … otherwise it’s back to remotely turning on the siren AFTER I receive a notice that there is motion in the house :slightly_frowning_face:

I just received the home monitoring kit. Huge problem… When pressing the disarm button on the keypad it does not disarm the motion sensor. I need this motion sensor on when the system is armed but not when it’s disarmed. This may be a deal breaker.