Notifications from Sense sensors

The only way I can stop notifications from the Sense sensors is to disable all notifications (app-wide).
I’ve tried unchecking the “Notifications - Detects motion” and I still get the notifications.
I turned the camera (Wyze Pan Cam) off…and I still get motion and open-door notifications! I really thought turning off the camera would work.

I work from home, so I don’t want to get a push notification every time I get a cup of coffee. I only want the sensors to send me notifications when I’m out of the house for a while, and the only way I’ve been able to do that so far is turn off notifications app-wide and hope I remember to turn them back on when we go out for the evening.

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I asked Wyze about this the other day. While shortcuts can be set up to trigger enabling/disabling all cameras, if I do not activate any shortcuts but do activate notifications and Sensor Videos only for my Wyze Sense motion sensor, I will get notifications. My desire is to have the motion sensor be able to have a shortcut, as well so that I do not have to manually set it up for notifications every time I leave the house. This morning there was a software update noting “Added new triggers for Wyze Sense in Shortcuts”. Well, I only still see that there is the ability to set up Shortcuts for cams, but NOT for any Wyze Sense peripherals (Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors). So Wyze, please explain!! It appears from your WHAT’S NEW that there now are Shortcuts for the peripherals, but where??!!

You can disable notification for a single sensor in the settings for that sensor (not the associated camera). That said, automation of this would require additional actions added to the shortcuts feature. You can vote for and comment on that at the topic below. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top:

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Maybe I didn’t make it clear, but I tried turning off the notifications for each sensor individually and they still sent notifications.
I went to the Home page, selected the Hall Sensor, went to Settings (gear icon) → Notifications, removed the checkmark next to “Detects motion”…and it still sends a notification every time I walk past it on the way to get a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

Make sure the camera with hub is on.

Anyone tried using the door sensor and IFTTT?

I haven’t tried this yet but I read that IFTTT can be used for that

I just added a sense group to one camera and I am having the same problem. My motion detector is blowing up my notifications. I currently have all camera push notifications off and every other notifications off I can find, but that sensor is notifying me everytime it thinks it sees movement or to tell me its clear. Please help me. How do I get ALL these notifications to stop while I am home?

@trmruss I just turn off notifications when I’m home and try my best to remember to enable them when everyone is out of the house.
Someone suggested that disabling the “Open” and “Closed” notifications in the sensor setup page with the camera on might work, but it didn’t for me. I haven’t tried it in a while…kind of forgot about it until I saw your message.

You could try this:

The only way I have stopped the notifications is to unplug the bridge from camera.

I use the door sensor with IFTTT to turn on my overhead light in my garage. I also have a motion sensor (two now) in my garage. When motion clears, I have the light turn off. Unfortunately, if I am “out of sight” From the motion sensor, the light turns off while I’m still in the garage. I tried adding a second sensor in another location in the garage, but it appears that if motion is detected on both sensors before the “clear” event on the first sensor, the motion sensor that continues to detect motion never repeats the motion detected event until some time after it declares its own motion clear event. So, I can be “seen” by both motion sensors and both will tell IFTTT, which then turns on my overhead lights, but if either one of the motion sensors stops detecting motion the lights go off even though the other sensor continues to detect motion.

I’d love to either have the ability to use more than one motion sensor cooperatively or to be able to control the timing between the motion clear event and a subsequent IFTTT trigger based on that motion clear event. For now I’ll try moving the motion sensor to the ceiling.

My apologies if I’m not understanding the question. Could be the IFTTT aspect of your situation that has me confused. The Wzye triggers can be based on a “has been clear for X minutes”. So if you’re using that and you’re willing to let your garage lights be on a bit more then as long as the first sensor saw you within the time frame you’ve set it wouldn’t turn off on you.

Another idea I had, but never tested, is if you could put up mirrors to let a single motion sensor pick up motion around corners, or even 360 view. Maybe that would let you cover your entire garage with a single sensor.

That is exactly what I want. I have not yet seen the “X minutes” parameter. Is that in the Wyze app or IFTTT app? I’ll check both again.


I found this under rules in the Wyze app, but nothing related to IFTTT. Is there a way to do this same thing with an IFTTT integration. I have only found an integration for when motion clears immediately…not for after some number of minutes as can be specified in a Wyze Rule

Wyze App

Took a screenshot of my app.

If you were to use the Alexa app to create a routine they have a “wait“ command

Thank you. I found it in Wyze rules, but that only controls Wyze products. The same functionality is not offered to IFTTT.

I don’t (and won’t) use Alexa, so that is not an option for me.

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