Simple Wyze Sense on/off and scheduling idea

I’ve seen several questions (and responded to a few) about toggling on/off Wyze Sense devices either manually, or via a schedule. This is the solution I came up with while testing these devices.

  • Reserve a Wyze cam to install a Wyze Sense bridge in that you will connect the sensors to that you want to toggle on and off. (I used an indoor camera in my home that I didn’t want on during the daytime, or while I was home)

  • Install the bridge in that camera, and connect the sensors to that bridge

  • Connect a smart plug to your network with a scheduling feature, and program a schedule during the time(s) you want the camera and sensors turned on and off. (Hopefully, the smart plug Wyze is developing will have a scheduling feature :slight_smile: )

  • Plug your camera (with the bridge) into the smart plug


Great workaround while waiting for official Wyze support for scheduling! Thanks for the suggestion.

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My pleasure! :slight_smile:

So I had a Wyze V2 I wasn’t using and a Wemo switch still in the box and I decided to try what you suggested and it works great. I put the camera about halfway down the garage and now get 2-3 bars of signal to the Wyze Sense motion sensor I put in my car. I like the fact that cycling the camera on/off via the switch doesn’t seem to screw up the notifications I have set. So thanks to you and IFTTT when there’s motion in the car, my phone gets a push notification as well as a call from IFTTT (to make sure I hear it at night) and turns on the bedroom lights and also the driveway lights.


Thanks for the work around option.

We need to have WYZE provide the ability to Schedule or Snooze motion sensors.
I have a motion sensor triggering WYZE BLUB lights when it detects motion in the room.

This turns on a set of lights when I enter a room.

Problem arises when I then adjust the lighting in the room either manually or via Google integration.
After I adjust the lighting, any motion in the room triggers the LIGHTS ON action again and all lighting adjustments are lost.

Makes the motion trigger useless when you are planning to stay in the room for any given amount if time.

That’s an ingenious solution @DreadPirateRush!

I’m still holding out for Wyze to add sensor scheduling, or at least shortcut automation time limits (only automate between certain hours), but I may have to try this just because :slight_smile:

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Another answer is to use 2 Wyze smart plugs in serial, one closest to wall to handle schedule/timer, and then another plugged into that for a device you want to trigger with the sensors (in my case, an alarm). In this way, I could have sensor notification if I like (on, off, or via schedule) but tiggering only during certain times of day.

see setup here: