I would like to see a motion activated switch
Day or night with a blue tooth or WiFi connection to remote device like a motion sensor that turns on a receptacle that has something plugged into it

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The Wyze Sense Motion Sensor will accomplish turning on/off a Wyze Plug. Is this something you’re looking for?


Yes I did not know they made one ,however they don’t seem to be available and got some bad reviews, my reason for wanting them is to turn on my outdoor lighting when someone is coming or going from my home I live in the country so there is no ambient lighting ,so my steps get lit up and my driveway. I have a similar system now but I had to design motion sensors wit time delay relays and a mess of wiring, I was hoping for a wireless arrangement that I could expand. When the become available
Again I will certainly try them out thank you for your response to my question.


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The sensors are currently not available on the Wyze website, but they can be found elsewhere. Wyze will most likely start selling the V2 sensors soon(preorder has already closed), those should be able to do the same type of automations.

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You can still order the kit from HomeDepot including a v2 cam. Amazon may have them also.

WyzeCam v2 Camera and Wyze Sense Starter Kit $47.98

I have used Wyze Motion sensors to do this with Wyze plugs and Wyze Bulbs, both indoors and outdoors.

I would highly suggest getting the newer second generation of sensors instead of the first gen, mostly because they use AAA batteries instead of pill batteries, and because you can change the sensitivity (maybe so it turns on from farther away or closer, or maybe just so smaller animals don’t set it off, etc). Still, it is important to tell you that none of the Wyze sensors are certified as weather proof. I even had one motion sensor get ruined during an extreme storm. So if you use them outdoors, you need to do something to safely protect them from water, etc.

Like everyone else in this thread said, basically you just set up a rule in the Wyze App that whenever the sensor detects motion then turn on the plug/bulb, and then you make a second rule that says once motion has been clear for X amount of time, turn off the plug/bulb. It will then work just like you are asking. I do it for lots of stuff to work automatically. I even do it for certain rooms where the regular light switch is inconveniently placed, and now everything works automatically, it is really impressive to people visiting us.

Thanks to all for responding especially carverofchoice for understanding the use that I have for these can’t wait to get my hands on them . My Wyze cams and front door lock work perfectly

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