Motion Detection for Wyze Bulbs

I have several Hue lights and use 2 motion detectors for my bathroom and kitchen so I don’t have to worry about turning on the switches in those rooms. I’d like to move over to all Wyze bulbs but I cannot because I really like the motion detection auto turning on the lights.

I would like to have all my rooms have motion detection and turn on the lights when it’s detected.

I have seen a few posts about using motion detection with smart plugs and such. What is a good motion detector ?

I have a camera in the living room pointed towards the door so I could probably set a rule to turn on lights when motion is detected on the camera. I am willing to do that in a few rooms. I can’t use a camera in the bathroom of course so I will still need an alternative.

Thank you

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I use the New Wyze V2 Motion sensors that come with the Home Monitoring System. I bought a bunch of extra ones and set them up to turn on my Wyze bulbs when they sense motion, and then turn the bulbs off when they don’t sense anymore motion for like 10 minutes. Works great.

Wyze currently won’t sell the sensors without purchasing the HMS subscription, but they said they will start allowing this soon, so if you wait a bit, you’ll be able to get a bunch of Wyze sensors for fairly cheap compared to all other company’s prices for motion sensors. They work pretty good too. Then you don’t have to worry about cameras or anything else, or ever forgetting to turn a light off, etc.


Thank you. I didn’t realize they had a motion sensor already. I do have a Wyze Sense, but dont see it in the store anymore.

I never used the Wyze sense because after I bought it, I realized there’s a lip on the doors so the sensor wont line up. I’ll have to set up the motion sensor in my office though :slight_smile:

I can’t wait until I can buy more sensors. Even if they are $10-15 each that’d be 3x cheaper than the hue $45 motion sensor.



Yeah, they stopped selling the old Wyze sense.

I also have the old Wyze Sense V1 sensors myself, and I have the new version 2 sensors too. the newer ones are WAY BETTER. I can even turn the sensitivity up to high and it keeps track of motion across large rooms (like over 20 feet away, not just a small distance of like 5-7 feet).

The price for individual motion sensors so far has been for only $7.99 each! So I bought like 7 of them so far. The price could change when they open it up for all sales, especially since there is a supply and demand issue with silicon chips right now. Contact sensors have been a 3 pack for $19.99.

Of course, you have to get a hub to connect them to. But regardless, like you said, even if it goes up as high as $10-$15, it’s still a TON cheaper than almost everyone else! So, I am excited they’ve been at $7-$8 each so far.

Honestly, these sensors alone should be getting Wyze a ton more publicity, they’re AWESOME, especially for the price.