Motion sensor lightbulbs

I want a bulb that turns on when motion is detected.

While you’re waiting for this, you could always use a Wyze Motion Sensor together with a Wyze Bulb to achieve this end.

Explain how please.

Sure. You can create a rule in the app that when the sensor senses motion, the bulb turns on. You can create another rule that when motion becomes clear, the bulb turns off.

Here’s the help info about rules:

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Or if you have Alexa you can create a routine that will use a Wyze (or any supported) motion sensor to turn on a Wyze or Hue or whatever bulb. I use a motion sensor in my hall to turn the bathroom lights on for example.

I use motion sensitive light bulbs in several closets but don’t last long and are expensive. Would love a Wyze bulb that was motion sensitive!