Ideas to use wyze Sense


I bought Wyze Sense last black friday and I still wasn’t able to set it up yet. I live in a 28SQM Bedroom Apartmert, I would like to know any ideas on usage of Wyze Sense. My Initial plan of using it on door sensor fail. I was thinking of when the door is opened the aircon will turn on but as soon as I close the door I also have a trigger to turn off the AC. Same goes with motion sensor in the bathroom. I can’t get a good spot where it would detect everything to the bathroom. So sometimes when I use the shower my lights would turn off since I’m not getting detected in the shower by the motion sensor.

Any other ideas you would share?

So what is that, 300 square feet? Not used to thinking in square meters here in the US.

For your bathroom, I’d suggest a motion sensor “Has been clear for” xx minutes to turn off the lights. Maybe the approximate time you use the shower. Personally I don’t see a lot of advantage here, maybe instead just install an LED bulb?

As for the air conditioner, I’d skip the door contact rules, and just set a Plug rule to turn the air conditioner on and off at certain times of day, like an hour before you get home, until just before you leave for work the next day. You can set those rules by the day of the week.

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I trigger my lights when I open the front door. Wyze can’t tell if I’m coming or going, but when I’m leaving, I always say “Alexa, Bye” which runs an Alexa Routine that turns on Guard Mode and turns off my lights 60 seconds later. That being said, it sounds like maybe you’re not in the US. If not, I don’t think you can use the Alexa integration.

Beyond that, I just have sensors on all the doors and windows so that I’ll have a heads-up if they get opened when I wouldn’t expect them to. I also trigger a recording on the cameras when any of them open or close.

I use the contact sensors for door and window alerts except one on my fridge that lets me know when it’s been open door more then 15 seconds. The motion sensors I use all over my house to trigger lights on with them turning off after set time being clear. Different rooms have different time lengths depending on how much the room is used.

For my wife’s bathroom it was awhile before she told me it was turning off while she was in the shower she said it wasn’t a big deal she just stuck her hand out for a second. So I set the motion sensor not to apply the off rule during the time she gets ready 5:45am to 6am. When the kids take showers or baths they turn the sensor around before they start it will turn off once but they use Alexa to turn it on and it stays on for the whole time.

In rooms where there are blind spots or like the kitchen where my wife will read at the table and not move long enough for the off rule to activate I have the sensors on little 3D printed shelves so they can be turned if they keep going off. These are mostly used in the bathroom and my daughter’s room. She has a loft bed and when she’s playing her video games her pillows block the sensor from picking her up.

Ah, I do something similar for my doors. I forgot to mention that. I get a notification if I accidentally leave my doors open for more than 2 minutes

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Plug rules wouldn’t work on most modern window units because when the power is killed you have to manually push the power button on them as most are digital now. Back in the day they used to have a analog on/off switch

Thanks for all the suggestions. I may not be able to use the door sensor on my main door as I have Wyze lock coming in. It may be useless or repetitive if I have them both on.