Bathroom Light Conundrum

Ok. So I have a Wyze Motion Sensor outside of the bathroom to turn on the lights. That way by the time I am in the bathroom the lights are on.

I have a Wyze Contact Sensor on the door to the bathroom. I have it setup so when the bathroom door opens, the lights turn off after 2 minutes.

The Problem I am having, is that when someone walks near the bathroom, the lights go on and then don’t turn off until someone closes the bathroom door and opens it.

Ideally I would have it set up where motion turns on the lights and if the bathroom door doesn’t close within 5 minutes, the lights turn off, if it does, the lights stay on until the door opens again. Does anyone have any reccomendations on how to make this happen? I’ve tried built in rules, IFTTT and apilio, but can’t seem to make the logic work the way I want it too.

Any help/advice is appreciated!

You can try a second rule that says if the motion sensor doesn’t detect motion for 5 minutes for example, turn of the light. That way you don’t even need the contact sensor. Personally I don’t use Wyse rules for those automations, I prefer to use Alexa routines and have a similar routine for some lights in my house.

My problem is that the sensor is outside the bathroom. Which means that when the door is closed and someone is using the facility, it can easily time out and turn the lights out while they are in the bathroom.

Can you move the sensor inside the bathroom, or is there too much of a delay if you did that? I know from the past when I use Wyze motion sensors to trigger lights, they were inconsistent on how fast they turned on. Sometimes I could be halfway across the room before they came on and other times it was a little faster. I’ve since switched to another brand motion sensor for the room I use it for lights and it’s instant now.

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It’s too long of a delay. because its a small room, with the motion sensor inside of the room, you can walk in sit down and start before the lights turn on sometimes.

I see, that makes sense. Unfortunately the inconsistency with varying delays frustrated me enough to stop using the Wyze sensors for lights. Our enclosed heated porch, more like a sun room, which is also where we enter and leave the house from is where I used the sensors for lights. I ended up switching out the Wyze motion sensor to a more expensive Samsung zigbee one. I also changed the Wyze Bulb to another brand and the Wyze plug that controls a second light in that room to a cheap one that uses the SmartLife app. Now when we enter that room from the living room, both lights come on nearly instantly. Often as my first step into the room is hitting the floor. It also never turns off as long as there’s any movement in the room, but did often with the Wyze sensor. The only Wyze sensor I still currently use is the one out on my mailbox.

I still kept several Wyze sensors that I may use at some point for something, but not lights, too much of a delay with some days worse than others.

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