Keeping The Lights On

I have WYZE SENSE on order & am adding some bulbs as well. The WYZE CAM PAN is running now & working great.

I’d like to have lights on in a tiny bathroom, for my 87 year old mother. She spends a lot of time ‘on the throne’ just due to her age & being slow. (sorry if it sounds silly). I’m sure it would be easy to have the lights controlled by the contact sensors but I’m assuming I need to set up multiple rules to make sure the light stays on during use of the room but goes out when unoccupied. Would it just be a matter of setting up timing parameters on the ‘open’ & ‘close’ notifications or do I need the MOTION sensor in the room as well. It’s a very small bathroom. And to put it delicately my ‘concern’ is that the sensor would see a person on the toilet (for an extended period of time) as the room being empty.

I’ll be experimenting when everything comes in but would like to know if there is a simple resolution to make it work right. I want it to be as foolproof as possible as I want to make her life easier, not more complicated!

Thanks in advance.

I have a setup in my bathroom to turn the lights on via a motion sensor, yes if the person were to remain still enough it would read it as no motion. I would recommend starting with a rule that when motion is detected the bulbs turn on (I know that one is obvious) then set a rule for them to turn off after 10 minutes of no motion, if you find the light turns off on her, extend the time. If you can just let her know if the light turns off just wave your hand.

Edit: I forgot you wanted to achieve by use of contact sensor, to do this you would set it so that when you close the door the lights come on and when you open it they go off, but you will be in darkness that first instant after you close the door. In my opinion motion sensor works better.

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Thanks very much for the advice.

I’m ordering bulbs right now. Probably be a bit before they come (the WYZE SENSE is still on order even though I got the WYZE CAM PAN already (ordered at the same time).

I’ll try the MOTION SENSOR & see if that gives me the best set up!

If you have issues come back and I or someone else will help you out.

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I agree I have a motion sensor in my bathroom at night for a night light. And I would do exactly what he said come on with motion and have it go off after there is no motion for whatever set time you want 10 minutes, five minutes whatever, however long it takes her to get back to bed safely.