Automation rules for turning lights on/off based on motion detected, etc

I’ve been trying to set up automation rules for a Wyze plug (indoor) to turn a lamp on/off based on motion detected by a camera in the same room. This is mostly for experimentation with the automation rules, etc.

However, it rarely works. I don’t know if the camera doesn’t sense motion (I know it does - if I set a notification I’ll get one…), or the Wyze app itself, or the plug.

Every once in a great while - it works - for a while. You’ve come into the room (lamp is on), but the plug won’t go on. Or occasionally it will. Usually only stays on for 5-10 minutes, and then the plug switches off.

Unfortunately, I so far haven’t found anything that really has a “FAQ” or “how-to” in setting up a few Wyze app automations (I may have missed them, but don’t think so).


  • How does one “debug” an automation - step-by-step? I need to make sure that the camera fires an event that will be seen by the app - etc., etc. (as I said, I get notification, and assume the app “sees” it - but don’t know for sure).

  • Is there a “FAQ” or “how-to” in setting up various types of automation?

  • I have several other automations I’d like to use, and most will deal with “presence” of the phone on the wifi network to do things like enabling/disabling various cameras, etc.

  • I know IFTTT is supposed to work, as well as Alexa - however, I don’t trust home security/automation to 3rd party stuff - so that doesn’t make me feel too comfortable. BUT - do they work more reliably than the Wzye App automation rules? Especially IFTTT?


would like a v3 cam with wyze led spotlight to also control a wyze switch with a more powerful light. Could use an automation for a time delay so light turns on, stays on for a few minutes and then off. with available actions turn on or turn off but no wait action, can get the light to flicker on and off when motion is detected, or turn on and stay on

possible solution using a wyze plug
in settings for wyze plug go to schedules and automations add a rule “turn on for camera x motion detect” when device trigger by camera x motion detect
do action turn on wyze plug when camera x detects motion.
create rule “shut off after delay” when wyze plug has been on for time delay do action wyze plug turns off