Wyze Plug found powered on un-commanded

I have a set of Wyze plugs worked via the Wyze app. One is connected to a camera.
Last night, wandered over to where one is, and noticed the blue light was on, solid.
Looked at the camera, no light, but soon as I began to power up the app, the blue light went off.
The app showed no plugs or cams on.
This is concerning. Was my plug hacked?
Have also had issues when firing up the app where the rules up top do not show up until after some time…if ever. What is going on there?

Check your rule history in account > rules > history. Also make sure you don’t have any Alexa routines or google schedules.

2fa is highly recommend and will be required (with an opt out) in the near future.


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I have this issue regularly, although it is self inflicted.

When I open up the app after enabling my secure VPN to use another app, and then I forget to turn it off, the app cannot make a connection with the Wyze Servers to pull the app settings.

Your experience indicates a slow internet connection, either on your WiFi, your home ISP, or your cellular data.


Had to pull up one of my plugs to take a look.

If you open the plug in question, it will display the runtime of the plug that will expand into a bar graph to show you the time periods it was powered on.

Since the cam automatically powers on and starts recording when the plug power cycles and comes on, if you have an SD card in the cam set to record continuous, which I recommend, you can also look at the SD footage to compare when it was recording.

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Thanks. Per the app, the cam was ‘off’ (Cloud slash icon)…as I normally have it off until manually turned on after plug engaged.
The plug shows as having been ‘on’ for about 30 minutes Sept 15, Approx 11pm-11:30 (or less) But didn’t show as ‘on’ when I opened the app, and the solid blue light went off (no click heard as usual) after I opened the app. Very odd thing.

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Thanks, I get this behavior fairly often and is usually due to overloaded wifi it think, or bad cell (which is a thing in itself…I think someone in the neighborhood is running something illegal that interferes with the signals at times).
What can happen when it is slow is that an ‘off’ command for a plug or camera can transpose to one above or below (touch command)…have seen evidence of that…due to a slow ‘syncing’ of display and state.
But the solid blue light followed by an off with no command given for on or off was odd.

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I’m not sure why the blue light would come on without powering the cam. The only thing that I could imagine is a power drop on the outlet might have forced a reboot.

One thing that you can do, to be notified every time the plug comes on, is to use a different cam that is plugged in and create a rule to upload a video whenever the plug turns on. That way you get a push notification of an Automation event whenever the plug comes on.

Hello Slabslayer,

Can you explain what you mean, when you say “use a different cam that is plugged in and create a rule to upload a video whenever the plug turns on”?

Do you mean to have a camera that is plugged in to some other power that is always turned on that is looking at the plug, and set up a rule for that camera so that when it detects motion caused by the blue light on the plug turning on, that the camera will send a notification?

Or do you mean that it is possible. to configure a rule that is triggered by the plug coming on, that then causes a notification?

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That one.

The plugs don’t have notification settings. So if you want notifications when a plug turns on or off, you have to be creative and have the plug trigger something else to do it instead.

I just pick a random cam or it can be one in the same area as the plug, doesn’t matter what it is pointed at, just remember mentally which cam you use for the rule. When the plug comes on (trigger) the cam will upload a 12s video to the cloud (action) and will label it “Automation”. If you have your notifications on, it will send you a push notification for an “Automation” event. When you see that Automation push notification and Automation Event, you know the plug was turned on.

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I didn’t mean to hijack this tread, but this is really cool, and I just tried it, and it works!

The plug can be trigger for a rule, and it looks like the action can turn on/off another plug, or even the same plug, or a wyze bulb, etc, without even involving a camera.

But the reason to use a camera in an action, is because, as you said, plugs don’t support notifications, and it looks like bulbs don’t either, so it looks like cameras are the only devices that can send notifications, and it doesn’t tell you what triggered the notification, but it is still really cool!


Good suggestions, thank you.
I think what I’ll do for now is add a double plug-in adaptor to the output of the plug, and so if it is actually commanded “on” by any means, then it will trigger a small lamp at that time, alternately it could power on an Arduino or something via a transformer plugged into same and provide a beep sequence. I can also add the notification setup.

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The only drawback to this notification scenario is that the cam has to be assigned to CamPlus in order to get the Smart Alert notification.

I did not realize that the Rule with the plug turn on trigger to cause the camera notification action required a Cam Plus subscription on that camera.

I just picked one of my V2 cameras that is in a storage room that is on Cam Plus Lite, and it still sent an “automation” notification event when the plug power came on.

It looks like a Cam Plus Lite subscription must also provide what is needed for this to work.

I like the idea of plugging a small lamp into the Wyze plug - that provides a much more visible confirmation that the power is turned on than the little blue status light does. Or maybe plug in an old radio that is turned on. Then you don’t even need to be looking in that direction.

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Thank you for confirming that it also works with CPL! :+1::grin:

That was the feature of the rule I was testing… On and off of CP. I did not test it with CPL.