Wyze Plug Now Available!

You know when it’s really hot and you don’t want to move but the fan is just out of reach? We’ve got you covered. With Wyze Plug, you can turn on your appliances with the Wyze app or using voice control.

Check out Wyze Plug | Best Smart Plug, Wi-Fi Outlet & Wall Plug to order a 2-pack for $14.99!

By the way, the team had a little fun with the website. If you figure out what we mean, share with us on social with #wyzetbt. :wink:


Pac Cam! Nice. Haha

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I thought so too, having grown up back then

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now that is how advertising should be done!!!

you should’ve included someone in a dinosaur mask lol

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Oooh… Good call! Any chance you happen to know a guy? :wink:

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After watching the video commercial, I think I’ve forgotten my question. No, I’ve got it: The Pan Cam and original Cam can occasionally fail to turn on and reconnect to WiFi after a power outage, and the Wyze suggestion was to use a plug such as this to remotely recycle (unplug/restart/reboot) the Cams. So I do already have a couple smart-plugs from prior to Wyze Plugs existing, and that totally works. I even plan on scoring a couple more plugs and figure I’ll go with these new Wyze Plugs (as long as the “superhero” in the commercial doesn’t deliver them).
My theory is that the original problem is that Cams turn back on when the power comes on, but if the internet connection isn’t there for a certain amount of time, they don’t connect. In other words, the modem, the WiFi, the power is all back, but the ATT DSL line (remote cabin, DSL best we can do) takes longer to be live and supply a conduit to the internet because the power outage has also hit the ATT equipment and more time is taken for them to get that fired up and working again.
My long-winded question boils down to this: After power coming on to the Wyze Plugs, will they keep trying to connect to the internet indefinitely, or will they give up and simply remain “offline” if they can’t connect after a certain amount of time?

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I have the same question about re-connectivity that richapple had in the previous post.
After an outage does the plug continue to try to connect to the internet or remain offline, and if it is not connected, it cannot be remotely cycled to reconnect.

Do you have plans to sell it via Amazon?

Looks like buying straight from wyze site gives you really unreliable shipping.
For example, I waited for my bulbs for 3 weeks and they were not shipped to Seattle, Ordered on Amazon and it arrived next day…

Looking forward to seeing them available on Amazon Canada. Already using smart plugs but would love to replace them with Wyze for the convenience of having them in the Wyze app.

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Oh please, please develop a 240v, au plug for the Aus/NZ market. :+1:t3::pray:


@richapple and @playkate, they should try to reconnect when the network returns. Your Wyze Cams should as well and if this isn’t happening we would like for you to contact our support team.

Support Request Form

@lev.kalashnikov, it will be on Amazon! I believe the listing is already up. Sorry about the shipping issues. We’re working on improving our shipping experience.

@Bluiis48, we also look forward to being able to ship to you directly. :slight_smile:

@stuold, have you voted for this in the Wishlist? :slight_smile:

I sure have :smile:

Thanks for replying.

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My pleasure! Thanks for chatting with me. :slight_smile:

WyzeGwendolyn - If you search forum posts from a while back there were Forum Mavens saying stuff like the following. I don’t think I posted about it back then, but searching for the problem found the thread:
Why does the camera need to be power cycled after internet or power loss
Posted on that forum about the Pan Cam v2:
Well, @StopICU33 said Wyze is aware, so the UPS to keep your modem & router from rebooting or a set of smart plugs to power-cycle your cams thru your recovered router are the only solutions I see ATM.
The other brand smart plugs I did get do come back online, but in the off mode, so after a power outage with extended Internet Downage (made it up) the cam is off and I have to turn on the plug anyway.
I think I did intend to ask if the new Wyze Plugs come back in the off or on position. With scheduling for either Wyze or the competition, having the plugs turn off then on once a day does mean after a power outage the cam will be recycled. Will actually be recycled every day (or night, depending on how scheduled.
Probably more thread if you search Power Cycle, but back before the Smart Plugs, remotely I’d be dead in the water because the cam hadn’t reconnected. But it sounds like the support team does know about this issue for the cams, and that “get a smart plug” idea came from them.
I am hoping the new Wyze Smart Plug will reconnect as you say. Probably will!

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Whatever state the Wyze plug is in when the power is interrupted, it will remain in that state after the power is restored. I have tested my Wyze plugs to see just how they react when the power goes off. So if the plug is on when the power goes off, it will be on when power comes back on and vice versa. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, that’s nice. I’ve got a couple Amazon Smart Plugs, and they don’t remember their on/off state at all when power is lost.

(If anyone’s comparing plugs, I don’t recommend the Amazon Smart Plugs. They’re probably the most restrictive ones, since they ONLY work with Alexa and can’t be programmed with IFTTT or anything. They CERTAINLY aren’t worth the retail price of $25, but I literally paid $5 for them, on sale. So it was worth that.)

StopICU33 - Have you tested your plugs to see if they come back in the state they were when the power was cut, but with also cutting power to the modem supplying WiFi and Internet and leaving it off for a bit? I’m guessing there would be no internal info saved in the plug itself for whether it had been on or not, and your results for how the plug reacts based on how it had been is likely coming from the Wyze servers (or wherever the settings and various other goodies Wyze gives us - especially for the cams). The two NonWyze WiFi plugs I bought a while back probably always come back as “off” because after a power outage they get juice from the wall right away, try to connect to the internet, but give up fairly quickly because the modem takes a number of minutes before it is again serving up WiFi and Internet.
“Guessing” means I don’t “know” anything!

I can try testing this later tonight when I get home but let me make sure I understand the scenario you want.

  1. Power loss also causing wifi to go down
  2. Power restored but wifi not up yet (does plug come back in state it was at power loss or must wifi be restored?)
  3. Wifi is restored (Will plug reconnect just fine and if it has not already gone to state it was, does it now go to the state it was?)

Is that about right?


Gosh, didn’t mean to give you some kind of assignment, but if you do go to the trouble, once the answer to #2 is gleaned, maybe a 10 minute wait for WiFi restoring? But seriously, of course you don’t have to do anything! I think you’ll still be a Forum Maven!

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