Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter with remote on/off

Every now and then, the wyze cams have to be power cycled, I think it would have been nice to include a WiFi element to this plug to allow it turn on and off remotely (via the app.)

The only downside to adding this feature is, more than likely, it will raise its price… and IMHO it’s already pretty expensive. Add the feature, keep the same price, please. =)

This is a good idea, but an alternative would be to just use the Wyze outdoor smart plug with the power adapter.


I thought about that too, but a lot of outdoor outlets have very confined covers (at least mine are that way.) Not sure that additional plug would fit.
edit: after typing I misread which plug you meant lol. yeah I’d hope it would be a little cheaper to combine the two. Less cluttery looking.

Well, Wyze could create a USB version of their Wyze wifi adapter. However, I for one, would not buy it anyway. I stopped using Wyze WiFi plugs for more than one reason. Its simpler to pick up a 4 pack of Gosund or Kasa plugs on sale on Amazon. Most of the time -every sale day, they are on sale for 4 for $20 or so. This way we don’t have to debate a new product with them wait for it and then help them debug it with it doesn’t work as expected.

Like @IEatBeans said, just get a wifi adapter and move on to something far more important.