Outdoor plug with USB outlets

We all have many cams outdoors, yet powering the 5v is tricky depending on how each home has access. Wyze has the outdoor plug available but to power a cam we still need the 5v brick plugged into it, making it not waterproof. We can run an extention cord from the Wyze outdoor to an IP enclosure and then use the 5v brick in there.

Outdoor outlets have the flip up cover to access the outlets. I can plug in a 5v brick into an outlet and then connect a USB cable to feed a cam, but now I have to deal with closing the cover which pushes on the USB and brick.

My thought is to create a new product that combines an IP rating and 5V connectivity in one. Make a new product like the Wyze Outdoor Plug to where you have 5v outlets instead of 120v. It doesn’t need to be a smart plug since it feeds cams that have that capability. Have an IP rated cover that flips up to cover the area where the usb cables plug in.

I post this here for further discussion and to find out if there is a lot of interest. Otherwise I will just continue jury-rigging my outdoor cam 5v access.

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That’s a good idea, however there are lots of “dumb” outlets with USB ports on them readily available, they just don’t have Smart Control. Also, Wyze sells an outdoor power adapter which could help you.

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I’m using a regular indoor outlet with 2 usb sockets bullt in , covered by a weather proof outdoor outlet cover. All from home depot. It eliminates the need to use a power brick and the usb cables fit neatly under the closed cover thru the cut outs in the cover. I have 2 cams plugged into each outlet (I have 2 outlets outside)



Need outdoor plugin with OG camera dual power plug

The current outdoor plug only powers 1 camera. I bought the OG telephoto first with the current outdoor power adapter. Then when I added the OG cam with the stack kit, I couldn’t use the current outdoor power supply because the dual power plug with the kit has a USB plug.