Outdoor USB power outlet

I need to run power to powered outdoor Wyze cams. I know how to run 120VAC through the attic (actually I splice to an existing run up there) to one of those round surface-mount weatherproof wiring boxes. I’ve used them to add a 2-prong flood light under my eave. My problem is that even though I can run 120V to one of those boxes, I still need to convert that 120VAC to USB level, and that’s usually a wall wart. I run 120VAC because I know that wire is acceptable in the attic; the attic gets insanely hot in the summer. Would you consider a product that lets me pull 120VAC through the attic to it, mount it in one of those round junction boxes and it converts it to a USB interface?

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What you ask for is already easily available. Lots of 120V outlets that also have USB outputs built in.


Yea, my son is using something similar to this as it is surface mounted and resides under the eves:

BESTTEN 4.2A/21W USB Receptacle Outlet with 4 High-Speed USB Charging Ports and LED Indicator, Wallplate Included, UL Listed, White: Amazon.com: Tools & Home Improvement

Like this

Has been working well for him.

He has the 120VAC running through a Wyze Switch so he can power cycle if needed. :slight_smile: The switch is inside.

BTW: he also has ones with both the regular outlet and USB connectors in it.

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The two outlet + 2 USB ports are very common at all hardware stores - lowes, home depot, amazon - and cost $5 or so - not expensive. Swap out your regular 120VAC and go with that option, then plug your USB cord from the camera into the outlet.
You can also buy those huge clamshell waterproof outlet cover things, but the USB dongle that comes with the camera is about 1/2 too large to fit under the lids of those.



They do it with a light socket adapter, and a floodlight cam that has an extra usb port.

for one camera of a different brand, I did a POE to 5v microUSB plus ethernet, so We wired the camera and powered it with one ethernet cable.

In your case, doing POE to an wireless accesspoint that also has USB on it might be great for you.

We have a lot of cameras, and the majority of the house is wifi, but the barn is mostly wired.