Power Wyze with Outdoor Low Voltage Wiring

Is there a way to power my Wyze cameras with the same wiring I use for my backyard low voltage lights? I have a few lights that take up very little power so I was thinking I could splice the USB red and black cables with the standard back yard low voltage cables. Anyone have experience with this??

I looked into it. There are two common

A/C and DC. I’ll see if I can find the links.



Im a DYI-er sooo here goes. If im understanding this correctly, I can run the 12V AC outdoor wire to a weatherproof 12v ac to 5v dc converter. Strip the UDB wire that plugs in to the Wyze camera and plug the red and black wires into the converter. That should work correct? I mean as long as my watts are not taxed to heavily. Any idea how many Watts are needed? Or do I need to worry about this at all?

I believe 2 watts for the Pan cam and 1 watt for the cam v2 give or take… so nominal (less than your pathlight bulb I suspect).

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You could use some of these in a weatherproof enclosure:

9V 12V 24V to 5V 3A USB step-down voltage regulator module DC-DC Converter Phone Charger Car Power Supply Module WAVGAT

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Another option for +12V to +5V USB in an enclosure.

DC-DC 12V to 5V 3A 15W Micro USB Buck Converter Step Down Power Supply Module for Car

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Old post I know, but no DC to DC converters or car power kits.

Landscape lighting is AC, so you need a rectifier (AC to DC) and a regulator (12 to 5v).

Any recommendations for a buffer battery to use during daylight hours and the landscape lighting is powered off?