Power using existing camera power to Wyze cameras?

I currently have a few wired outdoor cameras and I would like to replace them with Wyze cameras. I have a video and power cable already going to the existing cameras. Is there an adapter to go from my existing power to the Wyze camera so I will not have to run new cables through my attic for power?

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What kind of cameras do you have today?

I also notice you tagged the Wyze Cam Outdoor version for your question. Are you intending to replace your existing with the Wyze Cam Outdoor version?

Much more information to come based on your response. I’ll even tag a guys that knows a thing or two cause he’s wired a thing or two😁

I’m new to this so bare with me please. I have existing cameras (not Wyze) and was planning on changing to the Wyze V3 outdoor camera. I currently have outdoor cameras that already have a video cable and a 12 volt power cable going to them. I was wanting to use the existing power cable so I won’t have to run new cable through the attic (Texas, Hot). I guess I will need to change power to 5 volts dc and then adapt the existing power cable to USB. that is what I’m thinking.

You need to determine:

  1. Your level of electronic expertise
  2. What power the 12 volt is delivering (AC or DC)
  3. The tradeoffs between cost and packaging

There are many buck-boost converters and step-down transformers. They are relatively inexpensive but you need to know if you have 12V AC or 12V DC input.

Lot’s of solutions on the Tips & Tricks forum.


Remember if the camera is exposed to weather you will need a weatherproof solution for the converter too.

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Could you post pictures as to what the connectors look like where you currently have te power run to? Wyze supports requires 5V / 1A for the v3. I am confident that there will be some adapter you could use. However, do you know what the voltage is on the line? I would expect you actually have a PoE setup, but could be wrong. If you do, I have that as well and they provide enough power for the Camera. However, Please note that Wyze currently only supports WiFi and not Wired Ethernet.

Here are a couple of adapters I have used, which do work well:



But until we see what you are dealing with, it is a little difficult to ensure you get the correct adapter.

Also, as @Newshound indicated, you will need a weather proofing solution if exposed outside. the Wyze Cam v3 (Wired Power) and the Wyze Outdoor Camera (Battery) are rated for outdoors, I would recommend the Wyze Cam v3 since you have power already.


I am pretty sure that it’s 12v dc. The cable end is just a standard barrel connector.


The Barrel Connector is what Delivers the power? Or does it only deliver the video? 1 Cable to the camera? Asking for clarity.

Is it possible that you are getting the feed to the camera’s via Ethernet and a splitter is already there? Can you share what is there already? I can then look up the system you have and determine a viable solution.


Video from original camera is BNC. I will no longer use since V3 is WiFi.
Power is 12v dc through a separate cable that has the barrel end on it.
I guess I will need to get an AC to 5 v dc adapter to replace the 12 volt one.
Then a barrel to USB adapter.


Thanks for clarifying. I will check to see if I can find a cable which converts Barrel connector to MicroUSB 5v. Is it a Male of Female Barrel Connector?

I am not sure. I’m not at home now so I can’t check.
I know that it comes with camera cables when you order the BNC and power cable sets for regular outdoor cameras.


Sounds good. I will see if I can find both.

You could try something like this:


or this


And then get one one of these connectors for the Barrel connecting to link into:



Trying to keep the price down. :slight_smile: