Wyze Cam V3 outside power adapter

I received my V3 the other day and went to install it. I didn’t realize that it required a constant power source. When will the outdoor adapter kit will be available and the price.
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What outdoor adapter kit? The outdoor rated AC adapter will still need to be plugged in somewhere, and still fairly close to the camera. If you wanted a battery powered unit they sell a different Wyze Cam Outdoor model…

Wyze Outdoor

Wow thanks, hadn’t seen that. Not what I was expecting. I have no idea when it’s shipping. Still, length is going to be a concern for people, and of course it still has to get plugged into AC power.

A light kit too, cool.

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Yes, that’s the one I’m interested in. Wonder how bright it will be.

Not try to hijack your thread but I am not seeing anything elsewhere on this issue.

I have existing outdoor cameras that no longer work at night and would like to replace them with Wyze cameras. The existing ones have a DC power cable going to them. Is there a way to adapt my existing power to the Wyze cameras?

These will work if your existing DC is 12 volt.

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