Is the Wyze V3 outdoor power adapter needed?

I have my Wyze V3 cameras set up outside with the power adapter included and it seems to work fine/ do I really need the outdoor power adapter? Thanks

If the adapter is outdoors, it is recommended to use the outdoor adapter. The adapter provided with the camera is susceptible to the outdoor moisture, rain, etc and could cause issues and even fires.


What’s the metal rectangle that sits mid-cable on the outdoor adapter for?

That is where the smarts are to convert from 120v to 5v before sending it to the Camera.

One side plugs into the outlet the other plugs into the camera.


So instead of needing to use a wall wort where moisture could intrude?

Correct. The block in the middle is sealed and protected from the elements. The only other part is the plug end. Should be the outdoor outlet should have a plastic case on it to protect it from the elements, so the plug would go under that. If the outlet is in the eves, I don’t believe the covering is required, but not sure. You would need to check the code in your area.


I wanted to power a V2 outside over 3 years ago. I had an outlet close by. The problem I had was the wall wart that came with the V2 was too big for the outside outlet box I had.

I bought a deeper box and also a couple of 3rd party wall warts that were better suited. The power brick has 2 USB slots to power 2 cameras. The setup has worked great for me for over 3 years. I have never had any type of moisture problem.


Got my cam v3 a few days ago, and basically like it a lot. Huge step up.

But I am surprised that the power adapter, sold with a camera advertised as having IP65 weather resistance, has no weather resistance. My adapter failed in its first rain storm. My final setup will have the power adapter out of the weather, but while waiting for a longer cable, yeah it was out in the elements.

This is very misleading, and easily avoidable, Just tell me what I need to know. Companies that submerge information like this do themselves a disservice, as they fail to meet basic customer expectations.

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You are right, Wyze could do a better job of highlighting the fact that the wall wart provided with the V3 is for indoor use ONLY.

You didn’t share any details about your outside outlet. Based on what you stated, I am assuming it does not have a box like cover. If you look at the photos above in my post, you can see how I have been able to use an indoor power adapter outside for 3 years and no issues.

I have also powered outside cameras by running the flat power cord out through a window. I have 7 cameras outside using both methods I’ve described and have never had a power adapter go bad.

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The outlet I will eventually use, once I have a 15’ usb cord, is sheltered (but not inside) and should be weather resistant. For now, I’m using the short cable that came with the camera, and an ac extension cord. And I guess I should add a cover as shown in your photos, to make it as weatherproof as possible… thanks for the reply.

It states under the tech specs that the power adapter is Indoor 5v/1A and then right after that it says Outdoor Power Adaptet (sold separately). They can’t get more clearer than that.