Questions about powering outdoor cameras

I have some questions:

  1. When using the Wyze Lamp Socket to power the Wyze Cam v3 outdoors, do I need the outdoor power adapter?
  2. When using the Wyze Cam v3 outdoors, plugged in inside with the Wyze Cam USB Extension cable running to the camera outside, do I need the outdoor power adapter?
  3. Do I need the outdoor power adapter for a Wyze Cam v3 plugged in to an outdoor socket with a weather-protective cover?
  4. Why does Wyze Cam Outdoor need a hub but Cam v3 and Battery Cam pro do not?

Thank you!

No. You can’t use any power adapter for the V3. The cord that comes with the Lamp Socket is a special Data and Power cord that has to be used between the Lamp Socket and the cam. The V3 gets power from the Lamp Socket to run while communicating with the Lamp Socket thru the Data Link.

No. The Wyze V3 and the Extension USB are both weather resistant rated so long as you have the rubber boot on the USB connection to the V3. The only item not weather resistant rated is the V3 Power Adapter that plugs into the wall. Since that is inside, there shouldn’t be any issues as long as the USB cord connection isn’t in an excessively wet environment.

As long as the socket cover is Weather Resistant rated with a rubber water seal and will fully close when the power adapter is plugged in, I wouldn’t suspect any issues.

I would suspect because of the technology available at the time they were created. The WCO was conceived when batteries and WiFi chip sets were not as good as they are today. It is also a much smaller cam than the BCP, therefore much smaller batteries. The way the WCO communicates with the Base Station does not require a constant WiFi connection and uses less power to conserve battery life. It doesn’t have a WiFi transceiver chip in it needing constant power. They were able to overcome that limitation with the BCP using more advanced components and much larger batteries. The V3 and all other Wyze AC powered cams are powered 100% of the time so constant WiFi isn’t an issue to maintain. It has a WiFi transceiver and antenna in it that is powered 100% of the time, even when it is off.

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Thanks for the thorough and helpful reply! It sounds like I have a good plan for powering the various outdoor cameras I’d like to place. It also sounds like the Cam v3 is a better option than the Battery Cam Pro, due to the capabilities it has by being constantly powered.

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You will get some who absolutely love their outdoor cams, but if there is power available, the AC powered cams do provide for more consistent recording. They will record 24\7 to the SD Card and with a Cam Plus subscription, the will upload constantly as well. I prefer the V3 over all other cams. I have 16 in service of my 27. One of them is controlling my Lamp Socket group.

The v3 seems like a very solid choice. I’m also looking at the OG, since it appears to be more feature-rich than I expected at a lower price point.

That V3 camera three pack they have on special this week is a good deal too!
I prefer the V3 viewing interface (30 second skip and timeline) to the new V3 Pro.
I do NOT have any of the outdoor cameras, but I would love to try one of the Outdoor Pro cameras.
Can the Pro Outdoor be set to continuously record to the Micro SD Card?
I wish the solar panel was built into the camera like the EufyCam3, but if the Wyze solar panel dies, it is easy to just buy another one, so there are tradeoffs.

I have one of each, S & T. I won’t buy more. The mount is much more difficult than the V3, the magnetic base barely holds up the cam, it will not hold stacked cams in place, the mount screw is a different size, it has no AI Sound tagging, and it stops recording to the SD Card if WiFi is lost. Although I find the image quality to be slightly better than the V3, that and it’s pricepoint doesn’t overcome its shortcomings.