Outdoor Power Adapter for V3

Is there an update on when the Outdoor Power Adapter for Cam v3 will be available to pre-order?

The outdoor power adapter and spotlight are no longer promoted on the Cam v3 page. The spotlight is available for order but I could not find an update on the power adapter.


No news has been released on this yet.
I’m not sure when or if this will be released.

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If you trust reviewgeek.com, then mid Feb. Wyze “ will release a $12 outdoor power adapter in mid-February too.”


That article is the best info I’ve seen on the v3 accessories. Hope it’s accurate. The Wyze forum admins should confirm with Wyze PR if they are telling press that info. Confirm it here and stop the weekly questions about the outdoor power.

Another interesting line from the article
“Wyze tells us it will launch a $5 Window Mount that should reduce glare when recording through windows in mid-February. “


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I am waiting on the outdoor power adapter before I purchase the V3…

I’m also waiting for a Wyze update to order three outdoor power cables for the V3 cameras I have brand new and to be used exclusively outdoors.

I see the Spotlight is now available for preorder but it’s still worthless if I can’t power my three V3 cameras.

They need to be at least 15’ long and IP rated for wet outdoor conditions, what’s the delay?


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You’ll be happy when you finally get the v3. I’ve owned every wyze cam from the first 2 IR early adopter v1, The v3 with starlight is a huge leap forward for wyze quality.

I do wish they would make a 4K option and integrate with homekit. The lack of HomeKit video integration is what will ultimately take me away from wyze. In the meantime I highly recommend the V3 camera for the price. It competes with cameras up to about the $75-$100 price point. Then you can get better options.

Is the cam outdoor power adapter product dead or just delayed a year?

This was pitched when the V3 was in pre-order. It even had an updated image when V3 went into regular sales. But it’s been almost a year and still no product or official updates that I can find.

Very good question. I also remember the “pitch” when this camera was introduced. I have also been patiently waiting for such adapter. I have 3 outdoor cameras and would love to have a power adapter.


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This is GREAT NEWS for most users!. It essentially provides MORE outdoor protection for the POWER BLOCK itself (when it is a separate piece from the cable). I do have wasserman cables up to 16 ft as an all-in-one unit, but some I use have the Power block separate. In those cases I just apply silicone around the connection, then wrap it with gray tape. In all cases at the back of the camera unit I do the same, and make sure I have a gooseneck loop in the cable so any rain drops will drip off below the unit. GREAT ADDITION TO THE WISE PRODUCT LINE!

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You could also consider using “Low Voltage Wiring” and burying the wire from an A.C. power outlet (indoors) power supply to the cameras. Then use a 12 volt to 5 volt micro-USB regulator adapter and install to camera.

The power Supply mounts indoors but the cable to camera can be longer as the 5 volts is regulated at the camera. And Voltage drop due to cable length is not an issue as the regulator will work with as low as 9 volts input.

I have ran over 180 feet of 2 conductor cable to camera with this setup, use low voltage lighting wiring it can be buried, it is weatherproof and UV resistant.

Connect the 12v to 5v micro-USB regulator adapter to cable matching polarity ( +red -black ) along cable where a camera is needed if more than 1 camera just get a 12 volt adapter with more current (Amps) The Adapter regulator is weatherproof except the micro-USB itself but the boot on the V3 takes care of that.

Links below to several power supplies, 1 Amp for 1 camera, 2 Amp for 2 cameras, or 5 amp for 5 cameras,
choose according to your needs. The cable run can have multiple connections for cameras along cable.

12 volt input to 5 volt output micro-USB cable (adapter)

12 volt power supply 1 amp with connector adapter

12 volt power supply 2 amp with connector adapter

12 volt power supply 5 amp with connector adapter

14/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire - 100 feet

Gardner Bender 25-1W1 Watergard Weatherproof Twist-On Wire Connectors, 22-12 AWG, Small Direct-Buried

This location originally had a V2 in an enclosure, the 12v to 5v adapter has been exposed to rain, snow, and heat of summer for over 3 years. Recently replaced V2 with a V3

Below is an event captured by this camera, note I don’t use IR as I get too many flying bug triggers.

This is a link to my Overly-Engineered Wyze Cam setup…LOL
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications