The wonderfully weatherproof Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter! 10/14/21

A new 12-foot, weatherproof power cable that operates in -22℉. In this climate, you need it. :cloud_with_rain:

Order the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter today!


Limit 3 per order? How am I supposed to get my discount :wink: Fine… more leak sensor probes.


Got 'im!

Real answer is that there’s limited stock and we want to make sure that we have enough for everyone to get some if they want. :slight_smile:


I totally get it… I wish Nike had the same practice. I keep missing out on those drops.


Oof. That sounds frustrating! Well, we’ll always do what we can to make sure you have an opportunity for our new products. Some times may not work out as planned -cough, cough- Wyze Car -cough- but we will always try. :slight_smile:


I am trying to understand the true use case for this.
Since it for the outdoor rated v3. Is it just for more length or should I now be concerned with using the current power that comes with the v3 outside?
I do like it being a direct plug vs USB power brick … will this become standard in the box with the v3 down the road?

The included power brick that comes with the the v3 is indoor rated only. The camera end of the cord is outdoor rated, the other powered end is not. :slight_smile:


Seems like an unnecessary product. I have 4 v3 cams mounted outdoors on 50ft usb cables plugged into outdoor outlets that I added a weatherproof cover to.


Just me or is it misleading or counter-intuitive at least to sell a product rated for outdoors, that requires a power connection, but the power cord included is not for outdoors? If that is the case they should repackage the v3 with this outdoor plug.


It’s stated that the included power brick is indoor rated so when I pre ordered I knew was was in the box. Id say that would be a good idea to have a bundle with the v3 and this outdoor adapter.


Have I used indoor cords and adapters outdoors sometimes? GUILTY!

But the reason I prefer to use outdoor cords like these when something is outdoors when they are more easily available (and reasonably priced) like this is that they typically use some slightly different protective materials for insulation and such to guard against moisture and temperature changes. In the case of a camera USB cord it also has a protective cover completely shielding the power adapter portion. This helps significantly protect it from the elements causing damage or surges which can be damaging to my home (fire?) and my devices. Those are pretty solid rationales for the purpose of having or using these for people like me who want to ensure I’m not taking too many unnecessary risks.

Basically, if you don’t use an outdoor rated cord, just make sure to take extra precautions to ensure everything is protected. For one V3 I used outdoors with an indoor adapter, I covered the adapter in a hard plastic cover with waterproof gaskets, etc…but it make it look a little clunky and was harder to mount. This is just convenient, it was rated and tested for the purpose, and saves me the time and money from jimmy rigging other solutions that might look a little clunkier or have slightly more risk.

I DO wish it had a black option though. White works okay inside my house where many walls are white, but outside the house, black seems to blend in to match all the other black wiring around the house and get dismissed easier.


Is this specifically for V3 or can this be used for cam pan V2 too? I know it’s not meant to be an outdoor camera but the camera is in a covered location and previous cam pans have worked fine outdoors when covered. It looks like this cord works with 5V1A and 5V2A but cam pan V2 says it uses 5V.

Ive found that the Pans need 5v2a to operate all its functions without issue. If the USB end to the outdoor adapter is the same size as the supplied cords with the Pans then it would work. My thought is if the outdoor power adapter USB connector is to large it’ll bind on the pan camera when using the pan functions. It does look pretty small/ the same size as the previous USB cords included with the V3s though.

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$11.99 + $10.50 shipping. Ah Wyze, you really need to get hip with ecommerce. I’ll wait for the Amazon sellers, Because then at least I can send it back with instant credit when it doesn’t work. In the meantime, we’ll all just continue running the power cable thru a latex glove :slight_smile:


I see $7.99, maybe you are adding in tax? Still too high IMO, tho.

I have a V3 camera hooked up outside near a fountain display, both hooked up to a Wyze outdoor plug, it’s about 120 ft away from the house works good sometimes the wifi fluctuates, would this adaptor possibly improve the wifi signal? Or do you have any other suggestions?

I agree. I use a plastic bag at the power adapter and twist ties to waterproof the connection from 120v to USB adapter. Make sure to point the connection down in case any water gets in accidentally.

All my outdoor power adapters are covered by either the deck, the eaves, or home made shields. I use only Anker 40 watt adapters because the 6 v3 cameras that are outside are connected with high quality 42’ microUSB power cables. The Anker can handle 4 cams easily.

Weatherproof adapters would be great for someone not fortunate to have shelter for the chargers.

I put that same picture on the bulletin board at work. Above it is a caption “End of shift. Still have my pen”

Technical note: Micro USB and Mini USB are two different connectors. Mini USB isn’t seen much any more, although one is more likely to find it in use on dash cams in my experience than most other gear.