Outdoor power plug and cable

I just bought my 1st two wyze cams for putting outdoors in these outdoir wyze cam fitted enclosures and wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestions for a waterproof usb cable and plug? I have outdoor power outlets under my 2nd story eves but need a plug and usb cable that can be exposed to the weather. To make things more challenging I live Down Under so would need an AU type plug.

Not sure about a specific USB charger, but for the cable, adding some dielectric grease on the USB cable where it plugs into the camera will help it stay dry and corrosion free.

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These are what I use:

Outlet cover

Slim USB brick

There might be better USB bricks that completely fit inside the cover. Mine doesn’t but since it’s under the eave, it’s OK.

Thanks these look great. Do you have the link to that cover ?

Thanks good idea I might use this if I can’t find any solution for an enclosure. Cheers

Outlet cover

You can also find them at Home Depot.

No Home Depot here mate, sorry

I had the same issue when I was setting up the v3 wyze cam. I was curious why an outdoor camera didn’t come with a specialized waterproof plug. Instead, I waterproofed it myself with the rubber bands included in the box. I made my own sealed gasket. So far it has done well in the snow, rain and wind. It’s a temporary solution but it worked for me.

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