V3 outdoor plug

Do I have to get a special outdoor plug for my v3 camera? I didn’t think that was available yet but I see many reviews from people who have theirs outside. Why can’t I just use the plug it comes with?

The outdoor plug is a power adapter for the V3 specifically designed to be plugged into an outlet outside. So long as you have some way to run a cable to the V3 outside your good to go. It’s only if your only power source is an exposed outdoor outlet.

I guess I’m a little confused. I do have and outlet outside I want to plug it into. Do you mean if I have a cable to run it from the inside out to it I’m ok ?

It also doesn’t seem like they have the outside one yet. It’s a little frustrating when it says it’s and outside camera but the cable isn’t and you have to buy one that doesn’t exist yet.

The power supply for the camera is not waterproof or water resistant. It will not likely survive life outside if it rains and it isn’t protected in some way. Apparently Wyze is planning to have a waterproof version at some point but not yet.

You can plug the power supply into an indoor outlet and run an appropriate cable to the camera outside. The camera is, allegedly, water resistant but not waterproof.

I do. It’s not water proof, but it’s tucked in under the eaves of the roof. So far, no issues whatsoever.

Well, the camera itself is rated for outdoor use. I’m sure they just expect that the power supply wouldn’t be plugged in where water will make contact with it. So, the power supply should be fine, if your outside outlet doesn’t get rained on. Mine don’t get rain on them, so it’s not a problem.

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I think you are also confusing the the Wyze Camera Outdoor which has an internal rechargeable battery with either the Wyze Camera V2 or V3 that uses a cable from a 5 volt adapter that is not water proof.

The Wyze Camera Outdoor is self contained and you simply move it to a rechargeable location - charge it and place it back when the battery is depleted.

Some of us use the Wyze V2 and V3 under a porch or eave of a house or overhang to keep rain or water from falling directly on it. We take the risk of weather/water damage to get the camera outside. We call this outside but its not as outside as sitting on top of a post in the middle of the back yard.