Plug Caught Fire - burnt shingles on my house

The Wyze outdoor camera CAUGHT FIRE at the plug and burnt the cedar shingles and downspout on my house. Has anyone else experienced this? Was plugged into a ground fault outdoor outlet that did not trip when the fire occurred.

The Outdoor Camera is not meant to be plugged in when outdoors. It defeats the water protective seal at the power connector.

About the only thing that can power it outdoors ATM is a solar panel with a rubber sealed connector.


What plug were you using? The plugs and cable supplied by Wyze for the outdoor camera are interior only and should not be used in an outdoor outlet.


What camera are you talking about? The Wyze Camera Outdoor (battery powered camera) or something else - guessing the V3?

Pictures, otherwise it never happened.

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Get another one

I am sorry you have had this experience, have you contacted customer support about it yet. If you have can you give me your ticket number.


Why would an outdoor camera with a plug not be an outdoor camera that can be plugged in? V3.
The sale of the product should clearly say outdoor camera: Do Not Use outdoors.


Oh, you’re talking about the V3 and not the outdoor camera?

The user manual and info state that the plug is for interior use and is not an outdoor plug. It is meant to have the cord run from the outside to the inside outlet.


A outdoor V3 can be plugged in outdoors, as it has a special cable with a sealed boot. With that model, you’d have to be sure you were using the special outdoor power adapter, as the one supplied is for indoor use only. Or have a power cable coming from a sheltered area.

The Wyze Outdoor battery-powered camera cannot be plugged in outdoors (unless you have a special cable, like on the solar panel), as you have to remove the waterproof seal to plug it in. It is meant to only be battery-powered when used outdoors.


Your so rong,we have over 44 with a special 4 port adaptor,adaptors, wifi plugs inside eat site some air now at 2 years old no issues found,the wyze adaptors is [Mod Edit]

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I can’t read most of that, but it appears you bought something special to compensate? What camera, and what did you buy special?


Camera and Plug are under an overhang in front of house, so not directly exposed to weather.

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Best to show us a picture of what burned, we are talking in the blind here

How do I add a picture?

You should be able to drag and drop if you are using a PC. I’m unsure if you are on mobile, as I don’t access the forum that way.

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Looks like the power adapter fried? If so, not so sheltered?

They make an outdoor adapter for the V3. But where it plugs into the house still needs to be weatherproof.

Do you think if I had wrapped it in cellophane it would’ve survived?

Water can usually seep in from the ends, so probably not. I’d just get a sealed adapter, I think.