Plug Caught Fire - burnt shingles on my house

Is that something I get from Wyze or locally?

Wyze sells one:


Make sure to leave a drip loop in the wire so that any rainwater doesn’t just run down the wire and into the plug/outlet.


Thanks. Appreciate the help.


We have another vendor with a 3 in 1 use with display and an wifi plug to turn power off/on as neede been like that for almostv3 + years with no issues.


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I have two V3’s that are plugged into outdoor outlets with the power cubes supplied by Wyze. The outlets have these covers on them, and no problems, including in single digit temperatures, One other V3 and a V2 (in an aftermarket outdoor housing) that are outside, but plugged into power cubes that are inside, have had no problems.
It’s very likely this could have been a one-off of a defective power cube, or cable, or both. It happens when you make millions of something.

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So supportive.

Not a one off. Found this today. My Wyze Cam V3 which was connected to a 16-gauge extension cord. The contacts (metal parts of the plug) are burnt into the orange extension cord. Counting myself lucky that the house didn’t burn up. Was working fine for over a year.

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At least now I know why the device was offline.

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Welcome to the forums! Where was that brick and the extension cord mounted and what was it’s orientation? Humid area? Exposed to the elements? Outdoors?

I’d contact Support and tell them about this thermal event and see what they want to do. Also, please post your ticket number here. It looks like where ever it was, there was some moisture pooling on the top where the usb a plug is. Thanks for posting!


Besides contacting Wyze Support…I would also report this to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission…I would not count on Wyze to Update any product Consumer Sheet on product usage.

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There’s a reason extension cords are not to be used for permanent installation of anything.

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Please contact Wyze support, they will want to know about this and may ask you to send it back to investigate. When (or if you already have) a ticket number please post it here so I can follow up on it

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT

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Case in point

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2);I paraphrased Queen Elizabeth who has said many times “seeing is believing”.

The problem with wrapping it cellophane, besides being ineffective against moisture, is that it traps heat, allowing the plug to overheat, and increasing the chance of fire or at least, failure of the plug.

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Just because you had one burn-out, doesn’t mean it’s not a “one-off”. Don’t be so literal. Whoever has made these for Wyze has likely made millions of them, and the law of averages would indicate that this will occur to a small percentage of them. Unless there are many, many more reports of this, it’s still likely a “one-off”.

An indoor only rated power cube plugged into unprotected outside plug (under an eave is not considered protected) is unlikely to get too much sympathy from the the CPSC. Consumers have an obligation to read and follow directions.

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Well…Do you or anyone else Read the Agreement when signing up for services? Companies have a Consumer Obligations for an Idiot Card…as to Pass Lawsuits.