Be careful - cam 3 is not totally ok to be outdoors

I put my cam3 outside and snaked the cord around the side of the house. After about 3 weeks - camera stopped working. Troubleshooting it today, found that the usb outlet connector looked like it burned out. Nothing works plugged into that. Probably a flaw in using it outdoors. I used a top of a soda bottle to create a cover to prevent it from happen again.

Yeah, they addressed this at launch last year. They mentioned that it comes with an indoor plug/power adapter, and if you are going to use it outside then you should get an outdoor plug/adapter or make sure that the outlet is somewhere weatherproof. I think the manual addresses this too. Basically, since a lot of people would still use them inside, they’re including the indoor plug, and anyone who wants to use them outdoors is told they should buy an outdoor adapter or take precautions, but they didn’t want to force everyone to pay for outdoor adapters when so many would not need or use them…helps to keep the prices lower that way, and it’s easy to weather proof an outlet if needed (you can buy covers, etc).

They said they were eventually going to offer an outdoor adapter, but I haven’t seen this yet. We can buy weather resistant outdoor adapters ourselves on Amazon or elsewhere.

I use my V3 cams outside fine and just make sure to use an outlet that is covered and weatherproof.

Still, I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience like that, that is frustrating. It is good you are warning other people who likely also misunderstood this. Perhaps Wyze can put a better warning about this on the packaging/box.