AC adapter option for outdoor cam

I would like an option to have the outdoor cam plugged in to an AC outlet using an AC adapter so that it keeps the battery charged, I dont want to climb up every 2-3 months to charge the battery or worse have the battery die when i go on a vacation.

You solar panel option is nice but i prefer the more reliable AC plug option as I believe it is more reliable

Hi @sanjay.radia, while agree AC power can be more reliable, outside of a power outage, the Wyze outdoor camera is not designed to have constant AC power attached to it as it is battery operated where the Solar panel provides low voltage to keep the batteries tendered and supply small amounts of power.

Have you thought about deploying a Wyze V3 camera instead?

They are outdoor rated, as are the Wyze outdoor AC adaptors.

Then go buy a longer usb cable we have alot of them in service even 50ft we added Gosund Wi-Fi plugs on all of our cameras so wecan power cycle the power csms,and on the battery outside cameras we can charge them as need,most of them have been in service for 2+ years no issues

Did not know that Wyze V3 is outdoor – I thought it was an update on V2 (which I have).
You should call it Wyze indoor/outdoor and the one with the battery as Wyze battery operated.

BTW when I chatted with your team they never suggested that V3 is outdoor.

Thanks for the info.

I am happy with my V2 cameras. I will try the V3 with the power adapter.

Very unhappy with the Spinkler controller - the software is buggy - your service is good in that they are willing to replace the controller (Iam sure it will not fix the problem but will try it. I wish Wyze had a way for me to contact with someone from your sprinkler dev team - i can easily explain to the dev person what I belive is software bug(Iam a software engineer),