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Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 What happened to the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter for the Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 that were offered for sale. I purchased two on October 21, 2021 and now I’m in need for one more.

The Wyze cam outdoor has a battery, and the outdoor power adapter is not supported for it.

Are you talking about a different camera?


@kabetts1 Did you mean the V3 camera?


The Power adapter for the Wyze Cam Outdoor is the Solar Panel:

It comes with a cool little cord adapter that specifically weather-proofs the back of the WCO’s.

If you really wanted to have constant power going to a WCO, I would get the special adapter from the solar panel, then you can plug it into a wired Outdoor power adapter with constant power. But honestly, if you want a camera with constant power, then you should get a wired camera instead…WCO’s were developed for use cases that didn’t require constant power. V3’s or the OG were made constant power.


Yes, don’t use the micro-USB Outdoor Power Adapter on a WOC – that will compromise the waterproof seal around the power connector, and give you a camera full of water. :neutral_face:

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Hi Antonius, My mistake it is a v3.

Hi carverofchoice, My mistake it is a v3.

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Hi IeatBeans, My mistake it is a v3.

The link Antonius posted is for the power adapter. You should select the v1 power adapter for the v3 cam