New Cam 3 —useable?

New cam looks great… but the power cord isn’t available until NEXT YEAR??!! Did I read that right?

If used outside how can you power is — with an extension cord???!!!

Come on guys. When you intro a new product think it through—
How are we users going to use it?

Can it be powered by your solar unit?

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @bromano814! :raising_hand_man:

You tagged your post Cam V2 - V3 Mounting Kit. Those are old cam models.

The three newest cam releases are the V3Pro, the Pan V3, and the OG cams.

To get you some answers, it would help to know which cam you are referencing.

Also, where did you read that it will be next year for a power cord? All cams ship with power cords in the box.

The Wyze Solar Panel will not power any Wyze Cam. It cannot provide the sustained power necessary to operate any cam directly. It will only recharge the Outdoor Cam batteries when the cam is not in use. It can’t be used with any wire powered plug in cam as there are no batteries to charge.

Can I just say that I love when a person, who’s NEVER posted in a community forum… comes in with a rant, is rude, and uses belittling statements.

I mean, do these people just bust into a strangers house and tell them how their landscaping wasn’t well thought out, and their house is messy?


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See the note on this page—


“ *Requires Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter v2 (sold separately), coming January 2023”

Perhaps I reading this wrong.

No, you did not read that right…Jan 2023 is this year…this month…so within the next few days probably assuming that statement is correct (not next year). In other words, they were telling people the Outdoor Power Adapter will be available soon, and for now, you can use the included power cord/adapter (an indoor adapter/cord) while you wait for a few days. Or just wait and purchase them together later if you only plan to use it outdoors. But it’s all set to go if you plan to use it indoors.

FWIW, I use mine outdoors without the outdoor adapter. I use one of these covers over the extension cord and the indoor adapter to weatherproof the connection:


I understand how the camera operates. I’m suggesting you develop a cam that DOES work so they can be installed remotely. Is it expected that the user is supposed to run a 120V line to power this new unit?

Not sure I understand the criticism… just because I’m new to the forum I’m not allowed to comment? I’ve been a WYZE product user for a considerable time. I just object to promoting outdoor video products that require an AC power source, which is not very practical for the application.

That would be the Wyze Cam Outdoor _ a battery operated camera that CAN be recharged with the solar panel (that’s what it was made for). Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Home Security Camera | Wyze

I have 12 V2 or V3 cameras that are either outdoors or looking at my front yard through windows. One one of those has the “indoor” power adapter installed out in the weather. That is inside a NEC approved outdoor outlet cover on an outlet in the front yard. The rest are powered from adapters inside the house or attic with no more than a 15 foot USB power cord.


Good information. Thank you.

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“comment” is not what you did. You said … “When you intro a new product think it through”

That is rude, demeaning, and not kind. Your lack of using a comma in your sentence is actually the more egregious of your offenses. I’m guessing I’m complaining into the void because I shouldn’t have to tell this [mod edit].

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Hello All.
A link to my post about powering my outside V2 cameras may be applicable here. Powering V2’s with old 12 cctv systems
This setup still functions with the added benefit that power cycling a camera only requires flipping a switch on a power bar in my office. There are some other things shown that may interest you.


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