Battery Powered Cam Pan V3?

Is it possible to add a solar battery pack to the Cam Pan V3. I am moving into a new home and I want to set up new camera’s. The only issue is that I have only one outlet on the outside of the house no where near where I want to set up the cameras. Is there a way to power them with hooking it up to a very long extension cord that anyone could easily get access too?

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The Wyze Solar Panel is designed only to charge the Wyze Outdoor Cam (battery powered cam) while the sun is shining. It also sleeps when not recording to conserve power.

The Wyze Cam Pan V3 is a plug in cam this is powered on and recording 24\7. There is not enough sustained sunlight or power output from the panel to power the cam 24\7.

It can be done if you build your own system. You would need a battery bank big enough to run the cam continuously for at least 24 hours, a charge controller to manage cycles, and a solar panel big enough to fully recharge the battery used in the daily sunlight cycle available. A pricy endeavour to say the least.

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I used a bunch of AliExpress solar stuff cobbled together to power 2 v3 cameras. 12 volt gel cell battery like those used in uninterruptible power supplies. The controller has USB ports so it was just connect the dots. This setup kept both v3 cameras online even after a few cloudy days. Everything except the solar panel was inside a weatherproof box.

The battery was needed for another project, and interest waned after the initial coolness wore off.


Any chance of pictures and parts used?

Here are the solar panels

This is the charge controller

The weather resistant case

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What battery? Amperage?

All my V3’s and V3 pans are all running on battery.

Been that way for many years, was V2’s before.

All are connected to Low Voltage Lighting Wiring and voltage is regulated to 5 volts at camera :grin:

Searching my user name you will find many ways of alternative power sources for Whyze Cams

I’m testing using a generic power block with solar panel to recharge itself.

My use is as bird watching camera, which is rarely used. I leave the camera in privacy mode in-between bird watching.

I’ve noticed that the battery continues to be drawn down while the camera is in privacy mode. Can this be improved upon? Can Privacy mode be a low power mode? Cutting back consumption to the bare minimum. Maybe drop the transmitter down to cycling on only every minute to check for a wake up command from the app.

This would make generic battery support viable for none security usage of the V3 series.

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It has to stay connected to WiFi so even privacy mode it is still alive except for video…

I figured that, so why not cycle wifi off and on in a low power mode. Let it handshake only once a minute and see if a power on command has been selected in the app.

If you can get a low power or sleep mode operational, then your entire line of V3 can operate on a commonly available power block.

This opens up portable usage in many new ways. Parents checking in on the kids on the yard, bird watching, holiday travel, portable placement anywhere where there is wifi. It would be an inexpensive solution to cord free monitoring.

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