Connecting a WYZE Cam Pan v3 Indoor/Outdoor to an Wyze Solar Panel - Compatible with Wyze Cam Outdoor, Continuous Power with 2.5W 5V Charging

I recently purchased a cam pan v3 indoor/Outdoor IP65 along with a Solar Panel Outdoor kit. The two products have different cable connector types. The camera has an L-cable that plugs into the bottom of the camera and the solar panel comes with a USB-C. I’m looking for an adaptor cable for the two products. Has anyone run into this and if so what was your solution?

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The solar panel will not be enough to run the Wyze Cam Pan v3. The solar panel is meant to be used with the cameras with an internal or removable battery.

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Thank you WyzeJasonJ. Is there a solar panel solution that will work with that camera that you know of?

Not that I know of, but I also have not tried to come up with one. There are many knowledgeable users here and if someone has come up with one the forum @Mavens have probably seen it and can point you in the right direction.

I have tagged them so they will see this post and hopefully get you more details of what would be needed.

Again, I thank you. I have three cameras and have promoted the Wyze line of products to family/friends over the years. The outdoor camera, this time around, is something I want to get connected w/out needing to run several feet of cable to plug in, is my goal.

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Over the years I have seen a few people come up with solutions for our cameras that don’t have a battery that run off solar panel, the problem comes in how often you plan on looking at it and how much traffic the camera will see because that’s an exponential curve of battery usage, and from every project I’ve seen where someone did do this, they spent a considerable amount of money on a bigger solar panel and spent a bit of money on a darn big battery ( automotive size typically)

I think the cost effectiveness is what keeps a lot more people from doing this type of thing, but it is possible. Let me first ask how much are you looking to spend on this? That will cut out some of the projects I’ve seen over the years, I can probably find a few of them still.

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Keep in mind that for a wired camera, you will need some kind of battery to charge up and store power. It will need to be a big enough battery to run all night and run the next day if it is cloudy. You also need a big enough solar panel to collect more power than the camera uses so that it has enough to charge the battery to store enough power for the camera to keep running when there is no sun.

Here are some of my favorite threads related to this which you might want to look through where people have done solar panel solutions for wired cameras just like you are trying to do. They are moderately difficult to implement, but definitely possible:


No your not the only to buy it, i bought it cause it says on amazon and wyze website they are compatible with wyze cam outdoor cameras. As Itype and look it says it on this page it don’t say any specific camera so i bought it, i found a cord for the pan v3 but it still didn’t work, thats when i found they weren’t compatible after googling it.

Wyze ads clearly state that the Wyze Battery Cam Solar Panel is compatible with Wyze Cam Outdoor, not “outdoor cams”. If you see otherwise, please reply with a link or screenshot of the ad so we can let Wyze know that a correction is in order.

Wyze Cam Outdoor is a specific cam model which is battery-powered. A solar panel’s purpose is to charge a battery. Cam Pan v3 is not a battery-powered cam… it is a direct, constant USB cable-powered cam.

If you would like to return your Wyze Battery Cam Solar Panel, please either contact Wyze Customer Service or the 3rd party retailer from where you made your purchase to initiate a return. Wyze Customer Service can be reached at:

or by phone at: 206-339-9646 (US) or 581-500-1166 (Canada)

Product reference: Wyze Battery Cam Solar Panel

Wyze Cam Outdoor v1:

Wyze Cam Outdoor v2:

Wyze Battery Cam Pro:

So if you read what’s on top page of both amazon and your page it says nothing about wyze battery cam solar panel it clearly says its compatible with wyze cam how was I to no there was a difference apparently I’m not the only 1 that misunderstood what was said.

It’s not my page. I’m just a Wyze user. But any of us can alert Wyze to an error in their advertising. If you see an example of erroneous compatibility, please post a screenshot or link.

This is what I see at the top of page. All descriptions concerning compatibility are very clear:

So i figured a way to use the solar panel after watching some videos and I’ve already had it here with me a portable power bank plug the solar panel in as if you were charging it and the usb to the camera in the usb port . I just plugged in the usb connected to my camera into my power bank and it came on so theres your battery

That works. :+1: But it won’t work for long depending on battery capacity, amount of sunshine where you live, cam settings and how often you live stream (watch) your cam. The output of the solar panel won’t keep the power bank charged at the rate the cam draws power. I have to use a large boat battery and a commercial solar panel just to keep 2 Cam v3s powered 24/7 for 2 cloudy days.

Moisture and rain would destroy the “external” battery.

Mine is not only a deep-cycle marine battery, it’s not outside. :+1: