Solar panel AND battery for Wyze Cam 3

Here is my solar setup, I have 2 panels due to lack of sun/hours coverage because of tall trees in forest. Most setups will only need one smaller solar panel.

12 volt to 5 volt Micro-USB regulator adapter <— Click the Link for more info…
Low cost Solar Charge Controllers <— Click the Link for more info…
Gel Cell Batteries - You choose size according to your needs <— Click the Link for more info…
Solar Panels 100 Watt <— Click the Link for more info…

14/2 Low Voltage Landscape Wire for solar/battery to 12v to 5v Micro-USB adapter for camera

The cable I used for Solar panel to control connection
Note that some panels use different type of connectors so verify connect type before ordering, or let me know what panel you ordered so I can suggest correct cable/connector

The ice chest I made into a container for controller and battery can be found at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc…

I added a vent for battery gases to escape (if any) and small holes in lowest point for water / moisture to escape (A.K.A. Weep-Holes)

Removed Drain plug on ice chest and put in a twist-tight wire egress for solar panel power cables and cables to cameras.

Most locations may not even need a 100 watt panel, my location needs 2 x 100 watt panels as from November to mid-February I do not get enough sunlight to keep up, as you can see in view of solar controller my usage is currently equal to my charge at 3.9 Amp-Hours per day.

This project is NOT for everybody but some people with the right background it is not that hard to do.

And the advantage is not having to remove the cameras to recharge all the time as with the Wyze Cam Outdoor units. One camera is up a tree 12 feet and needs a ladder to get to.

Here is a link to another of my overly-engineered Wyze cam setups
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications