Solar panel/battery for Wyze Cam OG

I don’t see an official solar panel for Cam OG from Wyze. I was wondering if there’s a 3rd-party option that’s proven to work well. Your input would be appreciated.

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Cam OG is not a battery camera. A solar panel will not work for it.

The solar panels work with the Wyze Outdoor cams. These have batteries in them.

Yes, I understand that OG has no built-in camera. That’s why I was wondering if there’s a solar panel/battery that people have used with it.

Some people have built their own for cameras, but so far I haven’t seen anything easy to do for cameras that record 24/7 running solely off solar. I wish some company would make an easy, affordable solution.

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Thanks for the pointers, @carverofchoice. Wow, those setups were elaborate! I think I will just buy several 26ft flat USB cables and call it a day. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that sometimes doing a USB extension too long will make the Power drop too much and affect the functionality of the camera. It might be better to use an extension cord for part of the way there. Maybe review this thread for some ideas of how long of a cable you can do or how to compensate with a better power adapter to go with the longer cord:


Thanks again for the heads-up and the pointer to the thread, @carverofchoice .

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