Will the Cam OG work with solar panel?

Will the Wyze cam OG work with the solar panel?

Not with JUST a solar panel. The problem is that solar panels don’t provide stable, consistent energy.

Now, what some people do is get a large solar panel AND some kind of large battery that can both charge up AND give off energy at the same time, then connect an OG or other camera to the battery and waterproof the entire setup. Then as long as there is enough sunlight being converted into energy and stored in the battery to last all day and all night at a stable electrical output, then it will work.

But doing the above can be complicated for some users as you need to make sure you have things converting the power correctly both into the battery and from the battery to the camera. It is also often fairly costly since you need a large enough solar panel and large enough battery.

The point is that YES you can do it, but not just with using a small solar panel all by itself.

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