Solar Panel with Battery

Is there a plan to make the Solar panel able to be used with the CAM-OG? Or a power adapter with batteries that can plug into solar panel for charging.

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The Wyze Solar Panel cannot power any cam. It is designed only to trickle charge the Cam Outdoor Batteries when the cam is sleeping. The batteries are what power the cam when it is recording.

The only reason the batteries last in the Cam Outdoor is because it sleeps between motion activations and will not continuously record to save battery. it is also activated to wake up by a PIR sensor.

The Cam OG, as well as all Wyze plug powered “wired” cams, do not have sleep capability and do not have PIR activation. They have to be powered on and running all the time for the video pixelation activation algorithms to work. Solar panels do not provide the sustained power required to keep the cam running and recording constantly.

I haven’t heard any reports of Wyze developing a battery bank and charge controller with solar charging of sufficient size to power a cam with 24\7 run time. Given the relative size and cost this would add to a $20 cam, it probably wouldn’t be something that would be practical.