What solar charging panel IS compatible with Wyze Cam v3

I know that Wyze’s own solar panel is NOT compatible with Wyze Cam v3.

I want to position the Wyze Cam v3 outside, away from power but in good sunlight. What solar power plus battery storage options (so it powers it overnight) ARE compatible with the Wyze Cam v3?

Specific links to products much appreciated.

Thank you

It is possible to use the wired v3 with a 3rd party battery and solar solution, but it will require a very large battery which will be expensive and inefficient.

Is there a specific reason you want to use a v3 instead of the battery cam pro or wyze cam outdoor? Those have their own battery and support wyze solar panel.


@ssorcdivad You should read this entire old post. @bryonhu has some good information here but he may be shoveling snow today. :rofl:

I already own a v3 and would like to use it

That makes sense. Definitely read the thread that Antonio’s has linked. Unfortunately it’s possible that you may end up spending close to or more than the price of a whole new battery camera just on the equipment to get your v3 working.

Good luck!

Thank you.

Although it’s a functional solution that @Antonius linked to, and thank you, you’re right - the most cost effective solution is to get a cam intended for outdoor/solar use and I will repurpose my v3 elsewhere. Otherwise this becomes a bit of a Heath Robinson project!

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You’ll spend much more on a sufficient battery and solar than you would on a camera such as one that already has a battery and is intended for battery. It would be much more cost and feature better to toss that camera or use it somewhere powered than kluge an inefficient hack.

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The battery based cam is fine if you Don’t Want to Record continuously to SD, Don’t Live View for long periods of time, Don’t want to Miss Events due to the power saving features… I prefer a V3 over any battery based camera :grin: