Wyze Cam v3 or Outdoor Cam

I would like to place 2 or 3 cameras in the backyard along the fence facing the house. I have no power and am not going to run 50-100ft extension chords. Can I use the v3 Indoor/Outdoor Cam and connect a solar panel to each one? Or does it have to be hardwired or connected to power outlet? I already have 1 outdoor cam I purchased a couple of years ago running off solar panel. Also, if I were to purchase the outdoor cam can I purchase the cam separately from the Base? In other words can I use the same Base from my first outdoor cam? The placement of the camera will be accessible to remove and charge when needed.

V3 cam won’t work with a solar panel it needs to be plugged into a power adapter. You can buy an add on Version 1 Battery Powered cam from WYZE and add it to your existing base. Or you could look at Home Depot and get a single Version 2 WYZE cam outdoor, I don’t see any on the Wyze site. Or you could spend the big buck and get the New Wyze Battery Cam Pro that uses Wi-Fi and doesn’t need a base station and you can use that with a solar panel also if they put the correct usb connector cable in the box with the solar panel. Personally I would find a way to get power and use the V3 cams.
*** The new Battery Cam Pro won’t record to the SD card yet but it will sometime in the future. You will also need to get Cam Plus.

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Do your cameras have to be on your fence facing your house? If not, you can get acceptable results aiming v3 cameras through double pane windows. See the pictures on this thread.