Reflective camera image on double pane windows

Wondering if anyone has solved this issue:

I use a window mount for a couple of my V3 cameras. I am attaching a picture depicting the camera reflection on the photo (or) video taken. Hopefully you can see the reflection of my camera in the image. If you look closely you will see the white “almost circle” that is actually the reflection of my V3. The image looks like vertical and horizontal whiteish bands. Each of the vertical bands run top to bottom of the image. The one on the right passes through the shed, Has anyone been able to eliminate or minimize this reflective image due to the window mount on a double pane window ?…tlhutch4

I have found darkening the room as much as possible helps cut down on the reflection. You might try putting a black t-shirt behind the camera as an experiment. If that helps, then brainstorm more permanent solutions.

Looks like you have white v3 cameras. Black silicone skins may also help cut down on reflection.

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I’m shooting several cameras through double pane windows. Getting the front of the camera pressed flat against the glass is what I did. Yes, that limits your viewing angle. Fortunately in my case I was shooting through a bay window, so there are three cameras - one in each of the three faces of the window. Gives good coverage that way.

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StephenA and K6CCC,
Good ideas for sure. I’m going to start by painting the front rim of my cam black since there is no room for a black silicone case in my window mount. Also the room can’t really be darkened conveniently.
Additionally, the cam is mounted in an angled window mount thus not allowing placing it flat against the window .
I’ll let you know how the painting idea works….tlhutch4

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BTW, on a V3 camera, the status light is on the front of the camera, so you MUST turn off the status LED when shooting through windows.


Thanks for the tip. I actually found that out the hard way a while ago when I was getting these white lights in the middle of my viewing area and couldn’t figure out why.
I had also made the mistake of leaving the IR lights on.

You may wanna check out some of @victormaletic recent posts, they have a lot of awesome solutions for mounting the cam at different angles while eliminating glare and reflection. You have to have access to a 3D printer however.


Hello All.
Maybe a piece of anti-glare glass (use over mounted portraits) to reduce distracting room reflections will work. But it may to be mounted on both pains. Otherwise use the black t-shirt or bkackout the entire room. The anti-glare glass cab purchased from arts and crafts stores.


As a follow up on my post about reflection of my V3 when using a window mount I am happy to note the following:

I was able to completely eliminate the reflection simply by painting the front only of the camera then replacing it in the window mount.

These 2 images show the before painting the front surround of the camera and after painting…tlhutch4

difference in the 2 pictures taken from my V3.

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