TIP - Get rid of light reflections

I have a Wyze Cam pro 3 camera and it is indoors facing out thru a window. At night I would get reflections from the indoor lights around the 4 corners of the screen.
My window has horizontal blinds and curtains.

The fix for the reflection was simple. Take a piece of paper as I did from my printer and cut a strip out that when you bend it and tape, will wrap around the camera.
Adjust so it is flush with the window.
No more reflections.

I don’t have a v3 pro , I just have regular v3’s.

I also have a v3 looking out a window, I turned off the status lights and the IR lights on the camera so that I don’t get the reflections.

Does the v3 pro have those option settings ?

I have the IR off and no spotlight on.
It is the indoor lighting like my lamp that creates the reflections off the window.

Ok gotcha.

This may help

I use a window mount with suction cups. It allows me to adjust the camera position. I also have the Wyze Window Mount.

v3 Wyze Compatible Secure Suction Mount

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