Get rid of reflection on angled camera in window

I have a camera angled down from inside a second story window but get a lot of reflection, will there be a way to remedy this?

Are you seeing the reflection of the white v3 frame? If so some have painted the white plastic black with some success at reducing reflection. Also, make sure the IR and Status lights are off.

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thanks will give it a try

Here is another thread on the topic you may find useful.

thanks for the replies and threads, it seems painting it black works pretty well

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @tommy0316! :raising_hand_man:

I am going to introduce you to @victormaletic, a user here in the forum who is the undisputed subject matter expert on fabrication of custom window mounts for cams.

A search for “window” posts by Victor will result in a very long list of topics with astonishingly detailed plans and illustrations that Victor has posted to the forum.

I tagged Victor above, so I am hoping he can pop in to direct you to a specific thread.

Thank you very much, that Victor is quite inventive!

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