Mounting a Cam (v2) behind glass

Hi. I currently have one camera mounted outdoors and another inside a glass door. I am primarily monitoring for pet and coyote movements.

The outdoor mounted camera works well but I don’t like it (think it’s not safe/durable). The indoor one has a problem. The view through the glass is not clear. The camera gets reflections most of the time and goes wrong with subject identification.

Ideally, I would like to have both cameras indoors and have them work well.

Does anyone have ideas on mounting V2 cam inside the window glass?


I do not own a V2, are they about the same size as a V3? Maybe you could use this or something like it.

Five out of 7 of my outdoor-facing cameras are indoors looking out thru a window. They are all V2s or V3s. The trick is to mount those cameras in a dark room, or behind a heavy curtain. Of the 5 indoor units, 2 are in a dark room (garage window, guest bedroom window), and 2 are behind heavy curtains in lit rooms. The last one is in a room that is lit, but I put a limit on how long it is lit using Wyze devices. That way I minimize the issue.

The mount shown above is a great way to reduce reflections where you have a single-pane window, but you will have varying degrees of success as you add in more panes. It’s okay on double-pane windows, but I have some between the glass blinds in a triple-pane configuration, and the extra separation between the panes to handle the between-the-glass blinds really plays havoc with something like that. So the less panes the better for it. A V2 is also smaller than a V3 width-wise, so YMMV as far as a secure fit. Be sure to tie the cords to something like the curtain rod to keep them from pulling the camera out of the mount.

There is also a trick you can do where you drape a black sheet behind the camera. That makes the curtain thicker and gives it a black background. Works best with cameras painted black.

All of these solutions depend on you not turning the CAMERA’s lights on. One issue you may run into with a V2 is it is mostly night blind without IR lights. And you can’t turn it’s IR lights on when it is behind glass, or you will get severe reflections from that. There are two solutions there – buy a V3 that can see much better at night without using it’s IR lights (works best where there are some form of outdoor lighting), or put separate IR illuminators outdoors (you can buy those on Amazon or equiv).

I have also removed any screens on windows with cameras to vastly improve clarity. :slight_smile:

I had installed a V2 behind Glass .

I made a medium size hood from a Black foam core board ($1.5 at Dollarama) to cover the whole V2. As such no light bleed from glass or light from behind.


when cover V2,. black card board sides should be about 2 inches space .
also make some holes on bottom and top for air circulation.
of course a hole for power wire.
do not use ir

There will be minimum light reflection.

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thank you all for the suggestions. I will look into those.