Wyze cam v3 outdoor mounting options

I have 3 new v3 cameras to mount outside here is Florida. I know they are waterproof, but I would like to add some additional protection from the elements. Has anyone found one of those little enclosure houses like the ones that fit the v1 & v2 that will fit the new v3…I’ve been searching Amazon to no avail.

I have a different question regarding outdoor mounting options for the V3. I haven’t purchased one yet, but am considering getting 2-3 V3s for outdoor mounting. Would like to get an idea of how everyone is connecting these to outdoor power sources. I have a brick house and do NOT want to drill holes to route the cable indoors. But I do have existing electrical boxes on my outer walls for my security lights that I can tap into. Does anyone know of a weatherproof USB adapter that the V3 can plug directly into? Mind sharing where I can get them and photos of how it looks installed? Thanks in advance!

I’d go with a weatherproof enclosure [like this](Sunnyglade IP65 ABS Plastic Waterproof Dustproof Junction Box Universal Durable Electrical Project Enclosure(3.4"x3.4"x2") https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KR2LZ62/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_CYAP44PE1T09JTPJR9HD)

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I mounted my v3s with this : Security Camera Wall Mount Holder Stand Outdoor/Indoor for Wyze Cam Pan System | eBay , using the tripod mount built into the bottom of the camera.

As for protecting the power brick, just get a weatherproof box for your outdoor outles, as mentioned above. Something like this:

And as far as a protective housing for the v3, like the birdhouse style one for the v2, I don’t think they will be produced , since the v3 is already weatherproof

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Yeah, I thought about the outdoor outlet box, but I was hoping not to have to install another bulky box on the wall. Was hoping to find something more discreet. I was thinking of maybe hard-wiring something like this into the existing junction box outside and hide this in a conduit or PVC pipe. Just wondering if someone else has already done something like this. Thanks!

To clarify, the TayMac weatherproof cover isn’t a junction box. It screws into an existing junction box. It’s essentially a deep outlet cover.

Honestly, I doubt anyone will bother manufacturing them since the v3 doesn’t need a protective housing

A better alternative is do away with power adapter that comes with the camera. There’s a Leviton outlet with built-in USB ports.

Has anyone tried one of these yet?


This may be the solution I am looking for.