Any plan for a Wyze cam outdoor ?

Hi Guys,

Would you have any plan for a wyze cam outdoor ?

Just the base wyzecam but just weatherproof would already be a very good asset.



It’s a frequent request, so hopefully Wyze has something in the works :wink:

In the mean time, people have had success mounting the cameras outdoors under cover through winter and summer (so far).

There are also some outdoor case/mounts you can find on Amazon. And folks have come up with some innovative clear box solutions you can find if you search here on the forum.

Thanks a lot Rick0, sorry to have missed the previous post on that topic.

I’ll check as well if I can find a topic on Jeedom integration


Have a very nice day.

The real issue is having a self-contained power supply for the cam.

Outdoor mounts are easy. Getting power to the cams, not so much!

My two regular ole’ wyze $20 cameras just made it through a very rough upper peninsula of Michigan winter. I bought these two very inexpensive mounts on Amazon
My cameras are under an eve with no overhead water exposure. Sd micro card in them as well. They preformed like Champs. Zero issues all winter long.