Wyze new outdoor camera

Hi Wyze community,

seeking your advice. My friends home got broken into the other day and they stole all her patio furniture. I was thinking about buying her the Wyze outdoor camera that was just released but
a. it’s sold out
b. it doesn’t ship to Canada where we live.

Asking the community on your suggestions.

Is there another camera I can get her for her outside front door and deck area, that can be hooked up outside, that if we do ever get access to the outside one, we can swap out. Is it the same system all around. If so which camera should I purchase for her?

Thanks friends, appreciate your help and look forward to joining this Wyze community and maybe even getting one for myself once I learn from your suggestions.

Many of us have had the regular “indoor” Wyzecam V2 mounted outside for years without issue. The major benefit is that you never have to change batteries (oh, and they’re still available). As long as there’s any kind of overhang they’ll probably be fine (and there are lots of 3rd party enclosures on Amazon and elsewhere).

However, true outdoor cameras are available from all kinds of other companies including Amcrest, Yi, Eufy, Blink, Nest, and many more. The Blinks are battery powered like the Wyze Cam Outdoors. I’m sure people will make specific suggestions. Personally I just have the Wyze V2s outside.


thank you so my for your reply. are the V2 wireless as well?

Absolutely, as far as networking. But they need a USB cable to provide (only) power. For outdoor use this might require a hole be drilled somewhere to run the low power USB cable. You could also just point them out a window from inside (turning off the built in infrared lights).


I use 3 V2 and 1 Pan camera outside in Canada (East coast).
You can power them from an outside light fixture using an adapter to get USB power.
I can show you how if you decide to do that.


thanks @angus.black - I would love some help!!

thank you SO much!! Just ordered a few

awesome idea about pointing them out a window!! Thank you

I know of one not outdoor but if sheltered would work… Check out Eufy 2K

If reliability is your priority… Wyze is still working on it but not there yet

It’s certainly a bit easier. If you / she go that way, you can turn off the LED lights but still leave “Night Vision” mode on Auto. In many cases this will still get you decent images at night just with ambient lighting (porches, streetlights, moon, etc.). And the reason you will want to turn off the lights is to avoid reflections off the glass. Good luck.

As I’m sure Angus will mention, the only drawback of the “power from the light fixture” technique is of course you have to leave the light switched on.

That’s true. I use a Wifi bulb in that fixture to get around it. It comes on at sunset and off at midnight. If I stagger home after midnight I can turn it on with my phone or play “find the keyhole” in the dark. :smile:

If they come up with IR facial recognition you can have it light up as you get there (or on general motion detection). Or, you know, Bluetooth trigger from phone proximity…

I did have IFTTT turning the light on when I got home but you can’t limit that by time.