Is Wyze Outdoor V2 no longer available?

I see that Wyze is showing “out of stock” for the newer Outdoor V2 starter kit, However I bought one on ebay and today the seller refunded me stating there is an issue with battery life.

" Hi, my apologies but this item is not working properly, the manufacturer is discontinuing the model due to battery charging failure, I will issue a full refund*

So is this true? Wyze is dumping the V2? I wanted to replace my V1 because the V2 have a wider view and also better color night mode.

Today you should just buy a v4 or something newer than a v2 anyway if you’re going with a Wyze cam.

There’s no point in going with a v2 as its end of life will be too near and its worse than newer models. Its a waste of money but if you want to waste it then continue to try to get one.

I have 2 V2 outdoor cameras and have been trying to follow the steps to get them to sync. I don’t recall seeing a notice that the V2 outdoor cam was being discontinued.

I recently paid for the cam plus annual service on 4/18/2024. I would like to be reimbursed for the payment and a discount to purchase the newer version.

Maybe I am not clear…I am referring to the Outdoor Cam that uses the “base station” and my current V1 cam runs solely on battery doesnt require power to it. According to the new V2 power free specs, it has a wider 130 degree FOV and now has Startlight color.

Wyze still sells refrurbrished WCO V1 on its’ official ebay site, but not the WCO V2. I’m surprised yur not opting for the Wyze Battery Cam Pro.

I have 2 outdoor V2’s hooked up to solar panels no issues. Was trying to buy a 3rd , was wondering if they are coming back.

Wyzz has been a nightmare.
it says “error” for when im charging camera ane trying to use SOLAR panel it wont charge my WYZZ OUTDOOR V2 camera

then the password nonsense to even get here to post…says 10 characters and no special characters 1 capital etc.
it had all check marks except SPECIAL characters…
which i didnt use any.
then after 95 attempts i said fawk it and ill use their suggest strong pw
and it was all special character’s random bumbers and letters…mostly 6 or 7 punctuation marks.
wtf wise
passwords should be easy like:
" Wyzzesuksbbc123"

ya know normal passwords

As far as the WYZZE SOLAR under accessories is concerned it doesn’t charge ane ive selected under accessories the solar panel "i already own"option and still doesnt work.
i live in Florida so sunlight and the solar panel is brand new.

i hate wyzz but i use it wince RING gave out to government agencies without a warrant