Can't find Wyze Outdoor v2 Add-on Cam

I’m looking to buy a Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 cam as an add-on but having trouble finding it.

On wyze official website, it’s bundled with a base station which i already have. There is no option to buy the v2 cam alone. Amazon is sold out. There are a bunch of used and refurbished ones on various websites. Home Depot has them, which is probably my only option right now.

All this kind of make me wonder: why the rarity?


Did you ever find an answer? I have the V1 and base station but wouldn’t mind getting the V2 add on as well

Home Depot has one. Everywhere else either sell it as a part of a bundle or as refurbished.

I bought a refurbished one off one of the sites. Have not arrived yet. We’ll see how it’ll perform.

Maybe post an update after you receive it. I really dont want to purchase a bunch of starter bundles. And have those docks laying around everywhere plus the extra $10-15 per camera.

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I got it off Reebelo. It’s an online marketplace. The seller is BuySPRY. It seems like a legitimate refurbishing company out of Maryland.

It couldn’t sync with my base station. Currently, I have a V1 base station and a V1 cam that I bought 2 years ago. I have a V2 cam that I added on last year. All are working. But I could not get this new cam to sync.

On top of that, I looked at the model number. They sent me V1 cam when I ordered the V2.

I’m currently initializing a return/replacement on another browser tab right now.

Edited: Is it possible that the refurbishing company synced it to their base station for testing and forgot to unsync it and the camera is no “locked” to their base for security reason?

Maybe so, especially if they tested it after fixing whatever issue it had. Could be that an email for them to deactivate it will work. Guess I’ll have to go the home depot route since I’d prefer a V2. Plus it will be brand new and can probably return it to HD if there are issues.

I looked around and found this.

Apparently, to prevent theft, the outdoor cameras need to be disconnect from a base a certain way or it could brick the camera.

I guess buying brand new is the safer bet since 3rd party refurbishing companies may not know this and unknowningly brick the cameras as they’re finishing up the testing process.

My return/refund was approved. I’ll send mine out later.

Well i hope my base station never malfunctions. Didnt look like they got that issue resolved. Mine are well out of warranty and would hate to have to replace them. Also i hope they don’t stop supporting the outdoor cam, since they have the new battery powered one that is more expensive. The original satisfied my needs. Just a piece of mind thing, to be able to check areas of my yard.

I had an outdoor brick. I purchased 2 and 1 was under warranty. Long story short, Wyze wouldnt recognize my warranty and also said the add-on’s are out of stock TBD.
Does anyone know if I purchase a new cam with starter kit, if my existing cam will work with new base, or if my new cam will work with old base?

If you buy a new kit just hooking it up to old base would be the easiest route. Or you could use both bases on opposite ends of the house for better coverage. Using whichever cam is closest to each base.

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And now we see why there are no outdoor pro cams available.

New product:

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Yeah that’s why I was saying I hope they don’t stop supporting the V2. That’s a $30 bump in price that I’d prefer not to pay honestly. The others were just fine to me.

Good idea but I believe the way it would need to work would be to have the camera connected to the base station and online before the removal of the device from the installed account. That’s the “theft feature”, where if the camera is taken or removed beyond it’s connection to the base, the user can delete the camera from their account and it bricks the camera. Camera needs to be online for the deregistering to be completed successfully, or already done that way to insure the thing doesn’t brick.

In case anyone is interested. I just got an email update about the V2 outdoor cam I sent back to the 3rd party refurbishing company.

In my original request, i pointed out that they sent me a V1 and not V2 as advertised. It wouldn’t sync. I also sent them a link to the forum post about how Wyze Outdoor cams need to be unsync a certain way or it won’t sync with other bases. I requested either a repair or a replacement.

Just now, the email from them says that they can’t repair it and they’re out of replacement. So they’ll refund me instead.

I checked Reebelo. (I bookmarked the V2 page), they have taken down the page. I checked their store page. They are no longer selling refurbished V2.

I also need 1 outdoor replacement I have looked for almost a year now I do not need any more antennas or a bundle of 4 But they are and have been out of stock Even when a camera was under warranty it couldn’t be replaced for 6 months and counting

Since they came out with Wyze Battery Pro camera, I do not expect them to manufacture any more outdoor cam pros. Bet they have committed to production of the new upgraded cam and wont make these anymore. Which is financially understandable for them, but horrible customer support.