Buying additional Outdoor Cam V2 in Australia

I have bought the starter kit with the base station, I now want to buy an additional 3 cameras but can’t seem to find a way to do that. Anyone got any advice?

If you are purchasing from the Wyze Store via a browser, click on “Add-On Camera”:

It appears that purchasing the Base + 3 cams would be a less expensive alternative. Plus, you’d have an extra base station that you could connect via WiFi for optimal extended coverage to cams.

Not sure what source you are purchasing from though.

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Thanks but that site doesn’t service Australia. Hence my issue. Only option is to buy starter kit but I already own it

We can’t help if we don’t know which source you are purchasing from. If Amazon AU, I think all Cam Outdoor v2 related products are out of stock.

Sorry. Your right. As I’m in Australia I’m used this link

I also checked Amazon but no luck.

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It appears that Wyze is either out of stock on the add-on cams or they are not available from the global.wyze site. We (forum volunteers) don’t have any insight to Wyze availability schedules and stocking strategies.

Bugger. Thanks for your help