I have a few questions about Wyze cam outdoor bundle and Wyze cam V3

Hi, I am considering buying Wyze cam outdoor bundle($59.99) and a Wyze cam V3($35.98).
Before purchasing them, I have a few questions.

  1. Wyze cam outdoor bundle has a low profile base station. Is that station compatible with Wyze cam V3, either?

  2. Should Wyze cam V3 connect the power code to use?

  3. Can I purchase only a single Wyze cam outdoor? (without low profile base station). I planned to purchase (2 Wyzecam outdoor + 1 low profile base station) or (1 Wyzecam outdoor bundle + 1 Wyze cam V3 with Window mount kit).

Thank you!

[Mod Note]: Your request was moved to this category since it involves questions and not a request for a Product or Service enhancement by Wyze.

  1. Both the Base Station and the V3 connect directly to your router. The Outdoor camera connects to the Base, which is capable of connecting to 4 Wyze Outdoor cameras.
  2. I don’t understand this one. Maybe spell check changed a word? The Outdoor camera runs off a battery, and the V3 runs off a power cable (it has no battery).
  3. You can purchase a single Wyze Cam Outdoor without the Base station, but I think Wyze is out of stock ATM. Some stores like Home Depot or Amazon may have them, however.

Personally, I’d only buy the Wyze Cam Outdoor if I couldn’t run a power cable for a V3.

Here are some differences between the two:

V3 Cam - Outdoor wire-powered camera. Wyze’s current flagship camera that upgraded the V2 Cam to a faster processor, more frames per second, wider view, starlight sensitivity, and outdoor capability. Has a siren. Can do 2 wavelengths of night vision. Can save to a local SD card 24 hours a day, giving you the chance to review any part of the last 3-8 days.

Outdoor Camera - Battery-powered outdoor camera that is only recommended for situations where you cannot power a camera. Also has a PIR sensor, but you can use a Sense motion sensor to trigger the other models of cameras if their normal pixel motion detection isn’t enough for you (note the new Sense V2 motion sensors are still hard to get). Can be used in no-Internet situations. Separate Base station required for every 4 cameras. This one has not been upgraded to starlight sensitivity yet. Does not record 24 hours a day to SD card without a lot of effort and a soon dead battery. Live streaming must be limited to save battery power.


Thank you for your clarification. I understand the things about those products.
Have a nice week!