Additional Outdoor cameras

Is there going to be anyway in the future to purchase add-on Outdoor cameras on the actual Wyze site? Do not want to purchase through Amazon,


I don’t have any insight into stock for the add-on Outdoor Cameras, but do you have power in the location where you want to put it? Or can you rotate your other outdoor camera to that location if there is power available there?

If so, then maybe a cheaper, more capable V3 will work?

V3 Cam - Outdoor wire-powered camera. Wyze’s current flagship camera that upgraded the V2 Cam to a faster processor, more frames per second, wider view, starlight sensitivity, and outdoor capability. Has a siren. Can do 2 wavelengths of night vision. Can save to a local SD card 24 hours a day, giving you the chance to review any part of the last 3-8 days.

Outdoor Camera - Battery-powered outdoor camera that is only recommended for situations where you cannot power a camera. Also has a PIR sensor, but you can use a Sense motion sensor to trigger the other models of cameras if their normal pixel motion detection isn’t enough for you (note the new Sense V2 motion sensors are still hard to get). Can be used in no-Internet situations. Separate Base station required for every 4 cameras. This one has not been upgraded to starlight sensitivity yet. Does not record 24 hours a day to SD card without a lot of effort and a soon dead battery. Live streaming must be limited to save battery power.